Why Decluttering Improves Your Mental Health

Why Decluttering Improves Your Mental Health

Too Much to Choose From

Life today is a lot. There are a lot of expectations, lots of noise from every direction, and so many options everywhere we look. There’s stuff, so much stuff. We choose from thirty-seven different brands of toilet paper, and each one says it has something that we NEED. We’re told that to be happy or successful, we must live a certain way, that we need to have a certain amount of possessions, and should do certain things. 

Being Unorganized and Out of Control Causes Anxiety

We are faced with so much that it’s easy to feel like our lives are unorganized and out of control. This creates anxiety and other unpleasant feelings. We’re so busy trying to meet these societal expectations that we get caught in a “catch-22”. The scramble to keep up, get more, do more, and have more, (which we’re told will make us happy), actually robs us of any happiness we currently have. There’s more going on here than just a quick fix will take care of, but with a little effort every day, we can change our lives for the better. Sometimes that first step is the hardest. Which direction do we need to go and how do we get there? Let’s find out.

It Takes A Mental Toll

We’re tired, stressed, and mentally exhausted, we just can’t keep up. Do a quick mental exercise. Find a calming space inside your head. Tune out all the noise. What does that look like? Meditation? Do you imagine a peaceful stream bubbling over the rocks, the wind whispering in the trees and the sunshine on your skin? Maybe a beach with your toes in the water. We’re all different. However, I bet these spaces inside our heads have some things in common. I bet you wouldn’t imagine a tangled briar patch, or jungle where you had to fight through branches and brambles. These ideal spaces are quiet, clear, organized, calm, peaceful, efficient. Happy. 

Why wouldn’t we want our physical surroundings to mirror the type of space we crave inside our heads? 

Regain Your Mental Well-being! Get Rid Of Your Stuff

You can start regaining some of your mental well-being by getting rid of some of your things. You’d be surprised how much happiness and satisfaction a decluttered house can bring you. It’s easy to navigate, easy to clean, and comforting to be in. Clear, organized, calm, peaceful, efficient. Happy.

I know, you’re thinking “But I NEED all my stuff!!!” 

Do you really though? Have you ever tried to get by without it? What would happen? Really ask yourself that question and I bet the answer, for the majority of your things, would be – nothing. Nothing would happen, if you didn’t have them anymore. In fact, I bet you wouldn’t even think about it.

Go here now to claim your free copy of the Top 10 Things to Declutter Now Worksheet. It will provide you with the ten easiest and most important things you can do today and this week to improve your life. You’ll love it!

Less Equals More

Hear me out. Having less stuff creates more time. It creates less distraction. It creates more living space. You swing focus from your stuff (taking care of it, buying it, paying for it, organizing it, cleaning it, losing it, finding it, getting rid of it), to the things that matter; like time spent and experiences had. And the beauty of it? You won’t even miss the stuff, once it’s gone. Do you remember what was in the last box you took to the thrift store? Probably not. Find a happy medium – I’m not saying that in order to find happiness you need to become an extreme minimalist and only have seven things to your name. However, let’s face it, most of us could stand to get rid of a whole lot of stuff without even making a dent. 

Don’t Mold Your Life Around Your Stuff

Instead of wanting a bigger house, why not limit the number of things we have to fit our available space? Instead of trying (and failing) to keep up with the cleaning, why not have less stuff to clean? Instead of lying awake at night panicking about paying our credit card bill, why not have less stuff to pay for? Instead of wasting time looking through junk drawers for the key to your storage unit, why not get rid of your junk drawer and hang your keys on a key hook? Heck, why not get rid of the junk in your storage unit and solve the greater problem?

Focus On What Matters, Not How Many Shoes You Have

It’s tough. Long term decluttering requires a bit of a lifestyle change. A change of habits and a change in your attitude – another reason why decluttering is beneficial to your mental well-being. You’re teaching yourself to care about the things that are important, while letting go of the things that really shouldn’t matter but take up space, time, attention, and mental bandwidth.

So, What Do We Do? Something Small Every Day

This can seem like a daunting journey and a hard one to start. Remember, while it won’t happen overnight, you can start making this change today. Right now! Take action today and every day is The Simple Life Principle #5 and it applies beautifully here. You won’t have a beautifully organized and decluttered house next week. Your closet won’t be immaculate with only clothes you wear and love by the end of the month. You don’t have to get to the end of your journey today, but why not get it started? You can do something today. Here’s a checklist of ten simple things that you can do today (or one a day over the next ten days) to help you get started decluttering. Improve your space, and improve your mental well-being. Remember your happy place? Clear, organized, calm, peaceful, efficient. Happy. 

Go here now to claim your free copy of the Top 10 Things to Declutter Now Worksheet. It will provide you with the ten easiest and most important things you can do today and this week to improve your life. You’ll love it!

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