What is the Primal Lifestyle and How it Can Change Your Life Forever?

Recently you have probably heard the term “Primal” used, most often interchangeably with “Paleo.” You might know a little Primal Power Method Manabout Paleo, but is it the same as Primal? If not, what are the differences between the two.

Primal – Is based on the Paleo diet, but with some tweaks and philosophical differences. The primary difference is that Primal is not a diet, but a lifestyle. It is the more holistic approach to health encompassing mind, body and sole. Primal is the melding of our ancient ways of eating, movement and engaging in mindfulness.

When it comes to the diet nuances, Primal believes in the primary eating concepts, but allows small amounts of organic preferably raw dairy products. In addition, Primal believes in eating fairly large amounts of saturated fats found in animal meats, dairy products and coconut oil.

What is important to understand is that Primal and Paleo, though not truly interchangeable, definitely play in the same playground. Can you be Paleo and Primal? Absolutely! I believe, though different, they coexist in the same genre and belief of optimal health.

The Simple Life Healthy Lifestyle Plan

In simple terms the secrets of health and longevity today are the same as they were thousands of years ago for our prehistoric ancestors. This idea is at the heart of my book The Simple Life Guide To Optimal Health: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Reverse Disease and Feel Better Than Ever.

While we have many creature (and culinary!) comforts in our modern lives, our bodies and digestive systems have changed little since our prehistoric cousins found the secret to life-long health: active lives and natural foods. So, we need to eat and move like they did. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

This is not to say you need to live like a caveman – far from it! Hey, I don’t want to give up my car or computer either. But when it comes to your body, realize that the diet and movement patterns that kept our species alive and empowered for many millennia haven’t changed. Anytime you are confronted by a seemingly confusing health choice, just think of how your primitive brethren would have lived… with whole natural foods and an active lifestyle. That, in essence is Primal Power.

Modern humans evolved consuming a diet of natural foods based on actively gathering plant-based foods and hunting animals. Our bodies, though highly adaptive, need specific nutrients that can only be found in nature to function properly. This has been the case for millions of years, and for far longer than our modern ways of eating have existed. This nutritional paradigm has only changed in the last few hundred years, thanks to the advent of industrialized agriculture and factory food production.

That is why I wrote the he Simple Life Guide To Optimal Health: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Reverse Disease and Feel Better Than Ever. to cut through the litany of dubious information that has one purpose: to make you fatter and poorer. Well, no more we are going to fix that by going Primal!

We have made it simple by putting all the information you need in one concise package of products. The best part is our Primal Power Method materials are downloadable so you can take them with you anywhere. It just doesn’t get any better than that!


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