Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Going Primal

1. Confusing Primal with Paleo

Primal and Paleo play in the same playground, but while Paleo folks are making sure the sandbox is gluten and dairy free we are doing back flips off the jungle gym. Simply, Primal is a lifestyle following the primal eating habits, movement patterns and mental aspects of our ancient descendants. Paleo is more focused on the diet of the Paleolithic Period, hence the term Paleo. We incorporate the Paleo diet into the Primal lifestyle, but with some tweaks, which I think makes the diet part easier to follow.

Primal Power Method 5 Mistakes People Make When Going Primal

2. Thinking you have to live like a caveman

Being Primal doesn’t mean you have to ditch your car, cell phone, computer and find some shelter in the wilderness. We do believe in reducing your stress by not getting caught up in the modern world rat-race and worrying about things you cannot control.

3. Still believing saturated fat is evil

Primal folks love saturated fat, bring on the bacon, eggs and butter! Saturated fat is essential as your Primal energy source, strong immune system, and for cellular repair. Remember those processed carbs are what make you fat and cause heart disease, not the natural animal source of nutrient dense fat that we have been surviving on for millions of years.

4. Going nutty

Yes, nuts especially almonds, macadamia and Brazilian are considered Primal. But that doesn’t mean you strap on the feedbag and just go for it. Nuts are high in omega 6s, which can be inflammatory in too large amounts and they can be carb heavy. Moderation is the key, a couple small handfuls a day is plenty.

5. Trying intermittent fasting before you are ready

Having food at our beckoning call is very new for us humans, but trying to incorporate intermittent fasting before you know what you are doing is a bad idea. Intermittent fasting is a great way to mimic our ancestors inability to find food on a regular basis, and stay in fat burning mode, but only if you have mastered the basics first.


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