Ep 119: A Message to American Women – Get Off Your F**king Smartphone!

As a lot of you know, I like to observe not hear some dumb pundit vomit words out of their mouth. When it comes to women and their addiction to their phone screens, I have noticed that no one is discussing this issue. Well, after almost getting killed last week a couple of times from women texting/talking on their phone (phone to their ear) while driving, I have had enough. As a matter of fact, I have lost count of how many car accidents I have had to avoid by such stupidity in the last five years.

So here comes another Gary Rant! I don’t think it is a surprise that most Americans are addicted to their smartphone. Actually, it is pretty much a global problem, but in the good old USA, we always like to be number one with most addictions of stupidity. But over the last five years, I have noticed American women can’t seem to get that small box of stupid away from their face no matter what. And it appears age is not a factor; even blue-haired old ladies seem to love their smartphones. 

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Topics Discussed:

* Our addiction to smartphones is completely out of control

* Some statistics that will make your head explode

* Why it seems this addiction is affecting women more than men

* Why maybe while your at the gym you should actually workout instead of updating social media and taking selfies.

* There is nothing so important on your phone that you must try and kill me while being on it while driving

* Is the average American woman truly addicted to their smartphone

* Do you really need a smartphone

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2 thoughts on “Ep 119: A Message to American Women – Get Off Your F**king Smartphone!”

  1. Public schools no longer take phones away from kids. They are on their phones all day long so they are truly addicted. Most teachers are frustated with it but schools have given up their ability to discipline kids. So, we have kids living on their phones and in charge of the classroom. What!?!

    1. Hey Bea, yep it is really sad, these kids have no need for smartphones at school. All of us survived just fine in the day without them. Not to mention, all the adults already have them on school premises so that “in case of emergency” as an excuse for kids to have them makes zero sense. I personally think they should be banned on school premises for kids, but that might actually instill some discipline and we just can’t have that.

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