Three Ways to Become a Digital Nomad

Nearly six million people work remotely in the United States.

The evolution of the digital market is one of the biggest trends in our century. Technology and interaction through the Internet is a common practice in business, relationships, governments, education, and much more. This revolution altered our perception of reality, as being a remote worker is now a more profitable option than ever before.

The field of online work had one of the most significant investments in recent years. According to Statista, companies around the world spent about 178 billion on cloud infrastructure services. But the benefits and purposes behind this trend are even more interesting than you think.

Why Do People Want to be Digital Nomads?

Digital nomads are remote workers who can work anywhere in the world. The internet and digital devices are the only necessary tools for these people. However, what are the reasons for becoming a remote worker today? Take a look below at the results of a survey conducted by Statista in 2021:

Three Steps to Be a Remote Worker

There is no perfect guide to becoming a remote worker or digital nomad. However, we can look at the most frequent steps in these communities to create an easy guideline for anyone. Pay attention to the paragraphs below.

Invest in the Right Devices

All digital nomads have something in common: internet access and equipment suitable for their jobs. The first step in becoming a remote worker is to buy travel-friendly work tools. This list of devices includes some of the items below:

  • High-end laptop: Good battery, strong parts, camera, quality screens, and lightweight materials.
  • Headphones: Discrete and easy to connect, with audio systems suitable for outdoors and a built-in microphone.
  • Smartphone: This device can be useful if the laptop fails during the workday. You can complete many tasks from your phone, access meetings, write documents, research, take photos, etc. Also, most smartphones now include Internet signal-sharing features in case you need to work on your laptop in a place without Wi-Fi.

Sign Up for Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms are the best way to start your path as a digital nomad. These websites regularly welcome thousands of clients and employees to create new projects. Big brands like Fiverr, UpWork, and Workana offer job alternatives based on market needs.

You can register on these websites and offer your professional services. The most popular jobs are software development, web programming, virtual assistance, digital marketing, and content generation. If you want to gain knowledge and skills to work in these tech roles, you can enroll in coding bootcamps like General Assembly, Thinkful, Springboard, Coding Dojo, and App Academy.

After registering, you can start looking for job offers with clients worldwide. One of the advantages of these spaces is that you can customize your professional profile and filter your searches. The search system can apply filters such as minimum wage, available hours per week, place of work, and more.

Consider Jetlag

Time zone is one of the most common situations for travelers. The difference between countries can be massive, affecting your sleep and daily schedule. If you plan to travel and work simultaneously, make a work schedule based on the program of your destination. This practice will help you adapt, especially if you plan to stay in a new location for more than a month.

You must consider several factors, including the local time of the company or client with whom you are working, the time it takes you to complete your workday, and the time zone in your destination. Depending on the circumstances, you may be required to attend meetings or cover a portion of the time from your hotel room or other places of lodging.

You must ensure that each location has the necessary working conditions. Before embarking on their journeys, good digital nomads thoroughly research all of these items. As a result, when they practice simulating the conditions, they are always prepared to maintain a good performance.


Digital nomads have an interesting life that also requires responsibility and mental skills. If you want to join this massive trend and travel the world while you work, the tips above are ideal. Start your way to remote work and discover this style’s benefits.

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