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The Simple Life LogoI know it has been a long time since you’ve heard from me, but I’ve been busy at work with my website and book series “The Simple Life.”

For my loyal followers of the Primal Power Method, not much has changed, things have just gotten better… much better 🙂 My very popular supplement line is still available just under “The Simple Life” name, and I have also added some great products click here to check them out. As I have progressed in my mobile living and life simplification lifestyle, I noticed that I was going in many different directions outside of the more health leaning Primal Power Method model. So I decided it was time for a change in order to make it easier for people to understand my teachings, and also allow me to share more diverse information about bettering your life in general. This is an exciting time for me, because I have a lot of future plans to help people reach their  life simplification goals, which I will be sharing in the near future.

I already have eight more books planned for “The Simple Life” series and a possible “How To Live The Simple Life” webinar in the future.

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With this change, and with staying within the simple life mantra, I will be moving further away from using social media for my business… what Gary are you nuts, you may ask. Yes and no, if you are really interested in what I have to teach, staying up to date, getting special deals, finding out about the release of new products or just reaching out to me the best way will be subscribing to my newsletter. To me social media is just a time suck, and with all the data mining going on, I would rather have a much more direct and personal relationship with my followers. I can guarantee I never share your information with anyone, and better yet, you will be a part of my exclusive Simple Life group. If you have not already signed up for my newsletter make to do so here. For signing up you get a lot of free goodies and 10% off of your entire first order.

For those of you have been loyal followers over the years I want to thank you for all the kind words and support. For those of you just starting out in “The Simple Life” journey hold on because it is going to be an exciting ride! As always, if you want to reach out to me just fill out the contact form, as I always personally answer every email I receive.


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4 thoughts on “The Simple Life Is Here!”

  1. Hi Gary, I’m new to some food intolerance issues and I’m making it a priority to get to optimal health. Do you offer the Women’s multi with no iron? I am experiencing high iron and cannot have the extra. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge.
    Happy Health,

  2. Hello Gary- I just completed reading your book, “Going Off the Grid” (purchased through Mother Earth News) and found it very insightful. I did, however, find the section on Security quite disturbing. Years ago, my wife and I purchased a 60 acre farm in northeast Wisconsin. Like you, I am from California (grew up mostly in the rural part of Monterrey County between Salinas and Watsonville), and my Italian and Portuguese heritage is very different from the Norwegian and German people who settled that part of Wisconsin. Yet, our experience is very different from yours in that we never experienced the theft and other problems that you described. I think it helped that we made an effort to meet our neighbors and learn from their experience. We also rented some land to a farmer and hired a neighbor, Jimmy, who happens to be a builder, to do some work for us. He later became invaluable when we were hit by a tornado that destroyed a 60 x 124 ft. pole shed and knocked the 4-car garage off its foundation. (The original 100-year-old farmhouse and barn were OK.) In short, we’ve all become become good friends and neighbors. I think the difference is that instead of purchasing our property like one might buy a house in California with no expectation of ever meeting the neighbors, we reached out to them and became part of a community. Members of communities watch out for each other. We later purchased another six acres about a mile from the farm and I plan to build an off-the-grid home in keeping with our environmental philosophy. (My MS degree is in Environmental Science.) An yes, Jimmy will be involved, especially since I brought him to the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s annual Energy Fair! I retired about a month ago from DOE Environmental Management in Los Alamos, NM, and my wife has a couple more years with NNSA. Design work for our new home in Wisconsin has already started! All the best, Jeff Casalina

    1. Hey Jeff, I’m glad you liked the book and sorry you were a little alarmed by the security section of the book, but what I described happens a lot to other people living remotely. My problem had nothing to do with knowing my neighbors or reaching out. Remember, I live in a vary sparsely populated area, and many people in the area really don’t want to get to know you that is why they live in the sticks 🙂 Where I’m at a lot of people move there to get away from people. I know the midwest well, as I lived in Nebraska for a couple of years and a little different attitude. I was pointing out (remember I’m former law enforcement) that no matter where you live today there are always dirt bags, and you have to be vigilant. I’m not sure when you bought your property, but I’m guessing it was not in the methamphetamine and opiate crisis we are in now. Addicts make for very desperate people, and if you let your guard down you will be a target. I was pointing make yourself a more difficult target and they will usually move onto an easier one… that is just the fact of life today. As far as contractors they are always a roll of the dice – one day good, next day bad or somewhere in-between. I have a great group now, just had a dimwit in the beginning. It happens I have dealt with contractors for decades now, so it is not from inexperience. I share the good and bad in all my books, no one learns from butterfly and puppy dog stories 🙂 Glad everything is working out on your end, small world I lived in Albuquerque NM for 8 years back in my gov days. Good luck and let me know how your off the grid project progresses.

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