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Are You Looking For a Change in Life? Maybe the Nomadic Lifestyle is For You!

Are you looking for a change in life? Are you tired of the daily grind? Maybe you just want to get out of dodge and hit the road to find your own personal freedom. You might be thinking, “I can’t do that, I don’t even know where to start.”

Well, I did just that almost a decade ago! Matter of fact, I have written several books on how to find freedom and live the life you want. So I know this is possible, and here is a little secret… it is easier than you think when you have the right information.

Recently there has been a renaissance in living a more simple and mobile lifestyle. RVs and mobile homes have been around for over a hundred years, but people are rediscovering these types of dwellings in an effort not to feel stuck or rooted in one place. In the past, these types of homes earned a negative stigma associated with poor people or squatters. How times have changed!

Today people are looking for ways to be more mobile. We don’t all want to live in one place. Instead, many of us choose to move around and experience more of a “nomadic” lifestyle. Not too long ago, before the advent of agriculture and animal domestication, humans were hunter-gatherers. What did that mean? For hundreds of thousands of years, it was a lifestyle that dictated that humans continually move in order to find consistent food sources. Humans – had learned that if they stayed in one place too long, they would eventually run out of food. The reason? It’s logical: you are hunting the animals and eating all the vegetation in the area before it can replenish. Not only that, but animals are not that stupid in the wild; eventually, they figure out to stay away from humans to avoid getting eaten! The solution? Carry all your belongings on your back and hit the road. That means that the first automobiles were our feet, and the first travel trailer was a backpack probably made of deerskin or some other animal hide.  

We don’t live as the early nomads did anymore. These days, with the advancements of new safer and lighter materials, we can live a very comfortable, mobile lifestyle—and it costs far less than buying a house in today’s economy. I truly enjoy my new lifestyle; I wish I had found it sooner.  

Over the years, while documenting my Going Off The Grid project, and then publishing the book that followed, I have received a lot of questions about mobile living. As my loyal followers know, I have lived in my travel trailer for several years while building my off-the-grid home. Not only that, but I have also been traveling south away from my off-the-grid house during the cold winter months. As a result of all this nomadic movement, I run my business completely remotely. Needless to say, people observing my journey always want to know how I’m living this type of life and how I was able to get started.

People are very tuned in to DIY shows, remodels, and tiny home builds. The tiny home bonanza is in full swing as I write this, but getting hidden in the tiny home trend is the traditional RV lifestyle that was made famous by retirees exploring the country with their newfound freedom. Both tiny homes and traditional RVs have a place in this mobile lifestyle, but I sense a lot of confusion about what each of these mobile types of homes offer. Let’s see if we can determine which one is best for you.

I would not recommend just jumping into a mobile lifestyle without thinking it through. This is a dramatic paradigm shift away from “traditional living” as know today. There are a ton of blogs suggesting you purchase a beat-up van or RV, hit the road, and see what happens. You can do it that way, and more power to you if you can make it work, but I would say finding success in hitting the road without preparation is definitely the exception and not the rule. 

There are many things you must consider before making this life choice. Hopefully, my journey and this book will be of great benefit for those looking to take the leap. 

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