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This book is excellent. I’m an MD and own a CrossFit facility, so I have a pretty good idea what I’m talking about. Gary Collins has distilled the “secret” to living a healthier life, into a book that is easy to read and straightforward. As a former government employee for both the FDA and Health and Human services (the organization that makes the rules of Medicare, and therefore has a huge influence on the “economics of health”), Mr. Collins is in perhaps the best position to truly understand that our government, current nutritional advice and healthcare industries are completely backwards and exploitative when it comes to our well-being.Mr. Collins’ advice runs contrary to much of what we all hear in the mainstream. This may cause one to question the validity of his information. However, I submit to you that if mainstream advice is correct, why are we simply getting fatter, more unhealthy, and more dissatisfied with our lives? Give “The Simple Life Guide To Optimal Health” a chance. If I’m wrong, you’ll be out a few bucks and be right back where you started. If I’m right… your life will be immeasurably changed for the better. You have nothing to lose, simply the decision to make if you want to go on living the way you’ve always been, or if you want to take control and live your life the way it was meant to be.

Leon Chang

Gary Collins is a primal exercise and nutrition expert as well as a former special investigator for the US Food and Drug Administration and US Department of Health and Human Services. His book is eye-opening exposing the corruption going on behind-the-scenes of the food and drug industries than you could even imagine. Gary from “The Simple Life” blog has probably seen it all in his career with first-hand knowledge about how doctors are performing procedures on patients whether they need them or not all for the sole purpose of the financial windfall that would come from doing them.


It’s this kind of criminal action that got Gary extremely interested in the Primal/Paleo lifestyle despite the fact that he is someone who has always taken good care of his physical fitness. He now realizes that people have to take back control of their own health because the medical profession and government entities pretending to care about health may not have your best interests in mind. I highly recommend you check out his books

Jimmy Moore
Nationally Known Low-Carb Blogger and Best Selling Author

This morning I downloaded the book Decluttering Your Life. By 2 PM I finished it. I LITERALLY COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! There were sections I needed to know. It made a tremendous difference in how I will move forward in life.

Could Not Put it Down
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