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I discovered your podcast while listening to Coast to Coast and have been binging for a few days. Episode after episode, I am finding myself incredibly inspired. I truly think your podcast is helping me figure that out. About to buy one of your books. In the meantime just wanted to reach out and say thanks and keep those podcast episodes coming! Thank you.


I just wanted to let you know how life-changing it has been for me to find this podcast. My wife and I started implementing these principles about a week before I found this podcast and it is so refreshing to know that others think and live this way. Keep up the good work brother!


Gary, I am truly embracing your books. I want to do this same thing. What you say seems to really make sense to me. I am so happy to be listening to your audio books. I am craving the simple life so bad. I am 66 years old and want a new simple life till the end of my life. I am a devoted follower now. Thank you and blessings to you!


Gary, first of all i'd like to thank you about the work you're doing. I'm from Brazil and am prepparing to make a big change in my life next year in the direction to have more meaning and freedom, and your books and podcast has been a great source of info to do it the right way.
Anyway, congratulations about the work your doing.

Marcos Masiero

Hi, Gary.

I bought your Optimal Health book last night and have enjoyed reading it. I was not familiar with your work until about a month ago. I was looking at the list of speakers scheduled to be at Freedom Fest and saw your name. Then I found your website, which led me to your podcast, which caused me to buy your book. I have listened to many episodes of your podcast and really appreciate your free-thinking and direct manner. Thank you for your efforts to help others and best wishes for your continued success!

Ross Koster

Thank you for helping people by using your talents to help people by writing books to teach people how to be self-sufficient. I think your work is a blessing to many. I am glad you didn't buy into the corruption that you faced when you were in the rat race. I really think there is so much corruption in various establishments, and a simpler life is a blessing from God and His intentions from the beginning. God Bless.


Hey Gary, I’m a huge fan, I listen to your podcast biblically. As a fellow Veteran I love your views and know I can trust the source.
Thanks again brother for all you do especially the episode about teaching our children cause as a parent it can be very hard at times to project our lessons correctly and sources like you help immensely!! Keep Ranting, you are getting your message heard.

Vincent W.

Gary, Love your books and the Podcast, somehow stumbled across one of your books on Amazon and so glad I did, I have 4 of them so far and will get this one also, so much great guidance. I also have a Multi-Vitamin I can now trust, yours.  Hope to see you in Nashville. Mostly I just wanted to say thanks and keep doing what you are doing, it is a special gift you are giving to people out here in this great country of ours.


Hey Gary, great podcast...went to bed listening to 45 minutes of it, and finished it this morning with coffee in bed. Great start to the day! I've been in a similar circumstance...Nobody can tell you, or give you advice unless they have been, or are in YOUR shoes.  Like you, I have refuted social media from day one (my degrees are in Business and IT )...I only own a cheap "burner flip pone"...sometimes do not turn it on for weeks. Thanks again!


Gary, first off, thank you for a great podcast. I get a great deal of value from it as I continue to improve and simplify my life, grow our homestead and small business and take better care of our health. I really appreciate your straight-shooting approach.

Thanks again and best wishes for a great year.

Kerry Brown

Do yourself a favor and invest in this book.  Learn to STOP being a Consumerist. Change your life for yourself and your family. One person at a time we can sway the quality of society as a whole. I have enjoyed this book so much I obtained the audible version as well.  To review as I drive and continue to pick myself and my habits apart bit by bit to effectively change and reprogram myself.

Anthony T.

Man the Vitamin C is awesome!... Like a natural healthy version of a sweet-tart! I can't say enough good things about your products and your books. I tell everyone I can about your line of supplements, books, and blog!

Matt C.

Gary, great podcast! You guys are great motivators. Gary, your books are outstanding. Keep preaching the word!!

Pat B.

Thank you Gary, we are living the dream off-grid, RV tiny house on 12 acres... You helped us achieve our dreams. Looking forward to reading your new book. BTW, you're looking wild and free these days, it's a good look!

Lainie Doe

Now that's awesome service. Thank you. It is much appreciated. I will purchase again now. My husband just learned of Gary Collins by accident and he loves all the books and information he's gotten. It's actually turned into a blessing. I've ordered him all the books now he wants to try your supplements. He's excited to put the knowledge he's learned to good use. God bless...

Martha G.

Thank you, I really enjoyed your book and have already started putting things into place. We purchased 20 acres in central south Oregon, and are looking to develop a retirement hobby farm. Looking to get out of the SF bay area soon as possible!

Thank you again!

Dexter Dartnell

I started listening to your podcasts and I'm so inspired!! I am a 65 year old farm operator, raising foundation Morgan Horses ( America's original breed) and most of our food. I nearly died from Aspartame poisoning 23 years ago and began researching data on the myriad of health-related issues and deaths associated. You have inspired me to revisit a goal to write a book to educate the general public. It's title will be Take the Die out of Diet. My husband and I eat around 90% organic food and are both very healthy. He's 67. I wish you continued success with your enterprise; keep inspiring us!

Lois Thiergartner

I first came across Gary Collins on an Able James podcast in August 2020. I liked Gary's approach to fitness and no-nonsense way of life.  I was excited to learn that Gary had his own podcast and couldn't wait to learn more about what his show was about. Little did I know I  found, "My People!".

We share a like-minded life philosophy and I was interested to learn more from someone who was living the life he taught.  I began to put the wheels in motion.

I lost 50 pounds by being motivated to get my health in order. I fixed up and sold my house resulting in a net gain of 37k after paying off all my debt.  Now I'm focusing on finding my life purpose so I can contribute more and help others.

I ordered the bundle of books Gary has written as a Christmas present to myself and within 90 days am debt-free and have more peace than I've had in 20 years.  Although I'm planning a careful escape from the rat race, ("No sudden moves.") I can literally do anything I want now.

Thank you, Gary Collins. Keep up the good work.

Todd Young

Thanks to Gary and The Simple Life, I see nutrition in a different light.  I have strived to be healthy and fit for the last four years and I can honestly say that for the first time, I understand why it’s healthy to follow a Primal/Paleo lifestyle. The most compelling feature in this book is that Gary keeps everything simple and honest. I definitely see food and supplements differently!  I’m excited to start my new Primal journey to improve my CrossFit game and my overall health!

Once you start The Simple Life philosphy you’ll never go back!
Surf Town Triathlon – 8/25/2013

Swim: 500m
Bike: 15k
Run: 5k
Time: 58:42

A huge thanks to Gary! During this morning’s race I noticed a significant positive change in my endurance and overall strength…The Simple Life Guide To Optimal Health is the right method!

Steve Carmen
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