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Two things really stood out to me about this book. First, Gary covers a lot of ground not seen in your typical "decluttering" book. Where most give predictable advice about throwing out unneeded items, Gary takes the reader through a comprehensive cleanup (clean-out, really) of their day-to-day lives. Getting rid of toxic people, getting your health in order, solidifying your finances, moderating your political opinions--all of these are needed to have a better, simpler life.

Second, I really enjoy Gary's writing style. He is informal, yet informative and seems by all accounts to actually live the life he espouses. I wish more authors would write with the focus of sharing information and experience and less about book sales.

This was the first of Gary's books I have read, but I have every intent now to pick up his The Simple Life Guide to Optimal Health and eagerly look forward to the publication of The Simple Life Guide to Financial Freedom.

Rama Singh

This book (The Simple Life Guide to Decluttering Your Life) is helping me like no other. I've read multiple books on this topic with short-lived results. Gary's book has something special that I can't pinpoint yet. The principles are genius. By following these words of wisdom I have finally gotten over my hurdle of no progress due to time restraints. By following principles 4 (something is better than nothing) & 5 (take action each and every day) I've had enormous results! Little snippets of time; little "efforts" = progress! Thank you Gary!


Gary, I want to thank you very much for taking the time to call me yesterday with your insight and advice. I took a few pages of notes which were very helpful and I can't wait to dig into your book. Most of all, you are absolutely correct that the root cause of my problem and the solution is personal discipline. I am inspired to get into a regimen of taking care of my health. Thank you again!


Hi Gary, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your interview on C2C Monday night. You had so many interesting points you were trying to make, only to be interrupted by the (incompetent) host. I look forward to getting your books in order to hear the remainder of what you were trying to say! You have a very interesting background, which gives you a unique perspective to the topics you cover. Keep up the great work! Happy trails!


Gary, I just finished your book "The Simple Life". I love and will read it again. I'm interested in a Class A motor home about 24' for now. I live in Central New York and have seen all of the US except Hawaii. I too have stories to tell. Thanks for writing the book, I looking forward to reading the others. Safe travels.

Kevin Cooke

Hey Gary, I'm loving the podcast so far.  Keep it up.  I've been working to declutter and simplify my life for several years now by reading all of your books.  I've lost about 35 lbs, kicked my social media habit, and have started to get rid of a lot of stuff I've been hoarding for years.  So far so good. Thanks for all that you do. Keep up the great work!

Nick H.

Hey Gary, My name is Jon and I'm an avid listener of the podcast. Great job and great information you offer. Thanks so much!

Jon C.

So thankful to find you, I will be purchasing your books and look forward to purchasing the journal (if you ever release it again)!   Looking forward to the 3-legged stool.....our government sucks, it’s time for us ALL to band together and exit the system.  Thank you for what you’re doing!


I recently purchased Simple Life Journal and 6 Simple Life book bundle. I started using the journal a few days ago, read all the books and listened to about 75% of your podcasts. I really enjoy what you are teaching and finding your work has come at a good time in my life. Working on cutting the monthly expenses ( I do own a home, so getting killed on mtg and taxes) and working on maybe becoming a renter before leaving Ca in a few years when my son is on his own. I especially like the 7 question checklist for impulse purchases...I may make a laminated card for my wallet. Anyway.....glad that I found your teachings.

Bill Jarvis

Gary: Just want you to know out of the 30+ of your podcast episodes I have listened to the interview with Matt Ericson has to be one of the best, I'm listening to it for the third time. for me, there is gold in the information you and Matt speak about you have confirmed a shit load of suspicions I have had on a bunch of things, especially about our government. Thank you for all you talk about. Keep at it.

Joseph O.

Hi Gary, I'm in the middle of your three-legged stool podcast, and felt compelled to reply to your email before even finishing the podcast. As cliche as this sounds you're speaking right to me. I am a former professional ballerina, and have been teaching dance the past 19 years (well, prior to covid ????). My entire life has been focused on health. I'm just so inspired by what you have to say and I will be purchasing your book this evening! Just wanted you to know your words, thoughts and lifestyle are inspiring me to be my best self. Thank You!


Hi Gary, I wanted to let you know my wife and I are thankful for trust we can put in you and your products. It means a lot with so many out there cutting corners or just being downright dishonest. We enjoy them for the benefits without any negative side effects. Your multi-vitamin is the only one my wife has ever been able to take that doesn't upset her stomach.


Gary, I just wanted to reach out and give a quick thank you to you. I've been listening to your podcast for a couple of months now, and have also recently purchased your books. Hopefully, when they arrive I can get even more information on how to better my life and implement it in a way that works for me personally, of course.

I have watched, read, and listened to many 'life improvement' content, but I have never found any that actually gave me something useful. Yours, however, has done it for me. The way you talk in your podcasts is just so straight to the point and no-nonsense. There is no filler 'junk' in there and you don't seem to shy away from talking about anything considered controversial. Trust me, I appreciate the hell out of that.

I want to also say that I've mentioned you to my friends countless times. While they have not gone on a taken a look at your books or podcast, I've relayed your "three-legged stool" concept to them and they really liked it. They told me how much it makes sense to them and that they want me to tell them more. I guess I'm the 'messenger' for them, funny how that is. Hopefully, they will do some leg-work themselves, but at least they are liking the information so far.

Just to end off, I want to say thank you just one more time. You've really helped me ground myself these past few months.
Hope you have a fantastic Holiday season. Keep it simple and keep 'er moving.

Adam F.

Just finished listening to your podcast with Mathew Erickson, (Real King Pilled ?) I appreciate your efforts! This was riddled with gems of information and wisdom, so thank you. I have been on a similar journey of living a better, simpler life for about 5 years and although it's been a very eye-opening experience, I would never go back to the rat race. We have discovered who in our circle is authentic and who are full of shit. We have been able to live debt-free, and build a decent self-sufficient life, which we are proud of. You once said you could get a job paying minimum wage, and be okay. This is where we are also and people think we are lying lol. People getting out of the system is the only way I think anything will change, and I don't think folks even understand what that means. If folks understand how much they spend on food, which supports big AG, which keeps them less than healthy... I digress. Wonderful content, thank you for your time, Service, attention, and Patriotic message.


Gary, My favorite shows are when you are fired up like today. Please do not ever wonder if what you are doing is worth it, you are a blessing and rays of sunshine in a darkening time and more important you are needed greatly right now. Please continue to fight the fight and as you so rightly preach, folks must get themselves together so they cannot control us.

Tom J

Hey- I hooked into your podcast a few months ago and promptly read your book on declutter. I just want to say- keep up the good fight! There are many of us out there who agree on so many of the issues you discuss. Your transparency is awesome and keep telling it like it is. It is worth it!!! You’ve been an inspiration. I write a blog to help other men/fathers like myself who have struggled. Your work is helping to refine my message about optimizing life instead of drowning in all the BS.


Hi Gary, Just a very quick note to thank you for all the time and effort you put into your podcasts and books. I've been exploring the possibility of having an off-grid place for many years. I appreciate your down to earth and practical approach. I grew up in Africa (Zambia) as a kid and saw firsthand a variation of off -grid living when I visited several mission stations (fortunately my family lived mostly in a major city!) Thank you for your service and also everything you do for the cause of personal freedom.

Tim Yoder

Gary, I recently found your content and have enjoyed the podcast episodes I have listened to so far. My 14yr old son and I enjoyed your RV podcast especially. He is already planning on how to accomplish the van life starting at 18, to include building out his own van. He enjoyed listening to lessons learned and things to think about. We plan on getting the book for him. Thank you again for your content. I look forward to more, and learning from you.

Gary, Thank you. I have read all your books and slowly am putting g them into practice. I appreciate your personal response. My goal was to sell or rent out my house and take off for a while. Circumstances changed that as my grandchildren needed safe daycare and now schooling. That has allowed me to focus on downsizing, paying off debt, getting physically fit and pursuing things I put off while raising my own children. Keep writing and working. Your message resounds with many people!


Dear Gary, Firstly, I want to thank you for all of the hard work that you put into the podcast and for freely sharing of your experience with all of us. The podcast is truly invaluable. To cut to the chase, I wanted to say that Episode 58 really hit home with me. So many things you mentioned about MLMs seemed to ring true from my experience with my employer and his "self-help" group. So, I'm so very grateful that you've taken the time and had the courage to share about the dangers of MLMs. Thank you again for all that you do, and I look forward to more and more episodes. Thank you!

Rodrigo G.
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