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Zinc is one of the most important minerals to include in a healthy diet. It is found in a lot of our meats and vegetables, and is prevalent in oysters, beef, chicken, pork, pumpkin seeds, lentils, and mushrooms. While we always strive to eat fresh meats and vegetables and stay away from pre-packaged and processed food, sometimes we don’t have the time to eat how we want to. Or, maybe we just don’t eat a lot of oysters. In any of these cases, it is still important to make sure you are getting the nutrients and minerals that you need. This is why we’ve created The Simple Life Chelated Zinc tablets.

What is in The Simple Life Chelated Zinc:

30mg of zinc (from amino acid chelate)

Boost Your Immune System and Reduce Cold Symptoms

Zinc is incredibly beneficial to your immune system, helping you fight off colds and viruses and also heal faster. In fact, some experts say that even though you are already taking zinc, increasing the daily amount during the duration of a sickness will help decrease cold and virus symptoms. Zinc helps activate enzymes that break down viruses and bacteria and helps keep them from spreading. It keeps your cells generally more healthy which in turn also helps them fight off infection. It brings down inflammation which helps regulate your immune system and keep it working smoothly.

Do You Want To:

Heal faster from sickness or wounds?
Not get sick to begin with?
Improve your immune system?
Maintain a healthy sense of smell and taste?
Have healthy skin?
Feel better by bringing down painful inflammation?
Help balance your metabolism and blood sugars?

Athletes, Expecting Mothers and Vegetarians Should Take Zinc Supplements

Zinc is very important for expecting mothers as it is helpful for cell growth and cell healing. Athletes should also take special care to make sure they are getting enough zinc, as they may be at greater risk of a zinc deficiency. We lose zinc as we sweat, but it is also involved in energy production. If you exert yourself a lot during the day, or sweat a lot, this may result in low zinc levels. Vegetarians may also need extra zinc as meat and organ sources are the best bang for your buck on getting a healthy amount of zinc in your diet.

What Exactly is “Chelated”?

Chelated Zinc is more easily absorbed by your body. A chelating agent is often added to supplements to improve absorption. Amino acid chelate, which is what we use in The Simple Life Chelated Zinc, is a more gentle and well-absorbed form of zinc and has been shown in studies to be preferred over other types of zinc dietary supplements.

Why The Simple Life Products?

Our founder, Gary Collins, worked as a criminal investigator for the FDA. Coming from a background of health and fitness, and after getting to know the food and health industry, he was disappointed to see that the majority of supplements on the market are sub par. He set out to provide people with simple, clean, natural, no gimmick supplements that he takes himself. The natural goodness in The Simple Life supplements will give you the results that you’re looking for. The Simple Life is one of the ONLY brands in the U.S. that has been approved by a former Special Agent for the FDA.

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