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Minerals are elements on the earth and in foods that our bodies absolutely need in order to develop and function normally. They are an incredibly important part of a healthy body that lets you live your best life. Even though you think you have your health all figured out, sometimes you find you’re missing a piece in the puzzle. The small puzzle pieces can make all the difference and while vitamins are often in the limelight, minerals tend to get overlooked.

The Simple Life Cal-Mag-Zinc with Vitamin D3 provides you with a combination of minerals (calcium, magnesium, and zinc) that are a triple threat when it comes to bone strength, rest and recovery, immune health, and vital bodily processes. Add in vitamin D to aid absorption and you have a supplement that packs a punch.

What is in The Simple Life Cal-Mag-Zinc with Vitamin D3?

5mcg of vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)
100mg of calcium (from calcium carbonate)
500mg of magnesium (from magnesium oxide, chelate)
25mg of zinc (from zinc oxide, chelate)
100mg of betaine hydrochloride (promotes digestion)
100mg of glutamic acid hydrochloride (promotes digestion)

Benefits of Calcium:

Strong bones and teeth
Heart health
Prevent or control high blood pressure
Help ease premenopausal or PMS symptoms
Helps with muscle function

Calcium is Good for More Than Strong Bones

Calcium has long been toted as a must for bone health. While calcium is beneficial in many ways and is important for strong bones, it is also important for normal daily functions. Calcium is a must for young developing bodies, but it becomes even more important as we age and our calcium begins to leach from our bones at a quicker rate.

Ninety-nine percent of your calcium is stored in your bones, and your body tightly regulates the levels of calcium in your blood. This calcium in your blood allows your body to stay healthy and helps perform necessary jobs like muscle retraction and blood clotting. If your diet does not provide the correct amount of calcium that is required in your blood, your bones will release their calcium into the bloodstream.

If you have a dairy intolerance and have a hard time getting enough calcium, or just need a little extra calcium in your diet, The Simple Life Cal-Mag-Zinc with Vitamin D3 is a good solution to make sure you get the minerals you need.

Calcium is Hard to Digest By Itself – Enter Magnesium

Calcium is hard for us to digest when taken by itself and so the magnesium and vitamin D in The Simple Life Cal-Mag-Zinc with Vitamin D3 both aid in calcium absorption. While acting as an aid to calcium, magnesium also has its own list of benefits to boast.

Benefits of magnesium:

Reduce anxiety and improve mood
Improve your results in the gym
Reduce inflammation
Acts as a natural sleep remedy
Aid in calcium absorption

Magnesium Helps You Recover, Rest, and Relax

Magnesium is crucial for both your brain and body and has been found to be a mood elevator and also make it easier for you to relax. It has become a darling of the fitness world, helping to convert food to energy, boost performance, generate new proteins, and aid recovery.

Zinc Boosts Your Immune System and Heals Tissue

Along with magnesium, zinc has been known to reduce inflammation and help you get a better night’s sleep but it also plays an important role in your immune system. Zinc helps healthy cells to grow and multiply and is a major player when it comes to healing tissue, keeping your immune system healthy, and combating inflammation.

Benefits of zinc:

Reduce cold and flu symptoms
Improve your immune system
Promote injury or wound healing
Improve your sense of smell and taste
Improve acne and skin health

Why The Simple Life Products?

Our founder, Gary Collins, worked as a criminal investigator for the FDA. He saw the need for a supplement company that offered simple, natural, healthy supplements that did what they said they were going to do. You’ll find no fillers and no junk in The Simple Life supplements, only natural goodness that gives you the benefits you’re looking for and helps you live your best life.

The Simple Life is one of the ONLY brands in the U.S. that has been approved by a former Special Agent for the FDA.

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