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Get your supplements from the most trusted source anywhere – health and simple living expert, creator of The Simple Life, Gary Collins, who is the only former FDA and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Special Agent in the health industry!

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Get Ready to Enjoy The Time-Tested Benefits of Green Tea, in One Simple Supplement!

Want to give your energy level a natural boost? Throw out the Red Bull, 1,200 calorie lattes, and sugar-loaded energy drinks, and get ready to discover the time-tested benefits of Green Tea Extract.

Green tea is one of the oldest, time-tested healthy supplements known to modern humans. The Chinese recognized its benefits over 4000 years ago and used it to improve energy levels, treat digestive problems, alleviate headaches, and strengthen the immune system.

Today, modern humans are continuing to discover and enjoy the natural benefits of this ancient elixir. Scientific studies continue to reveal how green tea can give you more energy, more resilience to stress, reduce inflammation, and help you to remain lean, healthy, and cognitively sharp, even as you age.

Now, you can get all these time-tested benefits from one of America’s most trusted supplement dealers. The Simple Life Metabolism Boosting Green Tea Extract delivers your daily dose of green tea, in an easy capsule form.

Health and Cognitive Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea contains healthy bioactive compounds, including polyphenols, which can reduce inflammation and help to fight cancer. Current research has shown green tea to be beneficial in assisting in weight loss, boosting your energy level, fighting obesity, and improving cognition.

Green tea also contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a compound found which was shown to increase fat oxidation (burn fat for energy) by 33 percent! In numerous studies, EGCG has proven a key component in weight loss. Here are just a few ways EGCG can help you achieve your weight loss goals:

  • Increasing metabolism and fat oxidation
  • Increasing fat excretion
  • Inhibiting fat cell development

Previous studies indicate that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) may also be helpful in preventing and/or treating:

  • Dementia
  • Prostate cancer
  • High blood lipids
  • Cerebral thrombosis
  • Arteriosclerosis

EGCG can also prevent or treat the pain and inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis. But, probably one of the most interesting benefits of green tea is its ability to promote cognitive health and fight the effects of aging on the brain.

In a new study, 12 healthy volunteers consumed a beverage containing 27.5 grams of green tea extract. These volunteers were tested against a control group who drank a non-green tea beverage. The study found increased connectivity between the parietal and frontal cortex of the brain for the people who drank green tea.

The increased activity also improved their performance on working memory tasks. Researchers believe that these results suggest green tea might help with cognitive impairments, including dementia.

“Our findings provide first evidence for the putative beneficial effect of green tea on cognitive functioning on working memory processing at the neural system level by suggesting changes in short-term plasticity of parieto-frontal brain connections.

Modeling effective connectivity among frontal and parietal brain regions during working memory processing might help to assess the efficacy of green tea for the treatment of cognitive impairments in psychiatric disorders such as dementia.”

The researchers also indicate the effects could have been strengthened if the volunteers had consumed a pure green tea extract. This is because to get the full benefits of green tea, you have to drink a lot of it. Like, a dozen cups a day.

Thankfully, The Simple Life Metabolism Boosting Green Tea Extract capsules solve this problem by giving you a solid, daily dose of green tea extract, without forcing you to make 99 trips a day to the bathroom. But don’t worry, you can’t “overdose” on green tea.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting properties of green tea, it’s also an excellent way to give yourself a nice treat without mistreating your health.

I have personally consumed one to two cups of green tea daily for years. It tastes great cold or hot, and it’s healthier than coffee, soda, or sugar-loaded energy drinks.

Why The Simple Life Metabolism Boosting Green Tea Extract Supplement is Second to None

You can buy green tea extract at Walmart. But what are you really getting? Gary Collins, expert health author and creator of The Simple Life supplement series, is the only supplement dealer in the United States who worked as a Special Agent for the FDA.

Gary spent years investigating supplement dealers, uncovering all the shortcuts and loopholes some dealers use to save on manufacturing and packaging costs. Bottom line, poor manufacturing, and packaging practices can lead to unknown contaminants ending up in your supplements.

Overprocessing can also destroy some of the essential natural ingredients that would otherwise give you the benefits mentioned above. Thankfully, when you buy The Simple Life Metabolism Boosting Green Tea Extract, you can rest assured that you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

A Word from The Simple Life Founder On The Benefits of Green Tea

“For me, I have noticed a difference when I drink green tea prior to working out. I’m able to warm up faster, have better stamina, and my muscles become more engorged with blood for a better pump. This would be the result of the thermogenic effect of green tea, which would also indicate it is raising my metabolism for greater fat burning capabilities.

The best part is that unlike those sugar- and caffeine-filled energy and highly processed coffee drinks you don’t get that nervous or jittery feeling after consuming green tea. You get a longer and much more sustained energy boost, not the crash and burn effect of those fad-based energy boosting products and drinks.”

-Gary Collins-

What You’ll Get When You Buy The Simple Life Metabolism Boosting Green Tea Extract

Order The Simple Life Metabolism Boosting Green Tea Extract, and you’ll get:

  • 30 Green Tea Extract Capsules (1/2 serving per capsule).
  • 500 mg of Green Tea (Leaf) Extract Per Capsule.
  • Extract standardized to provide 90% total polyphenols, including 70% as total catechins with 50% as epigallocatechin gallate [EGCG].

Other ingredients include cellulose, vegetable cellulose capsule, magnesium stearate (vegetable source) silica.

CONTAINS NO artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; no wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, crustacean shellfish or fish. Suitable for vegans.

Get Your The Simple Life Metabolism Boosting Green Tea Extract and Enjoy FREE Shipping!

Are you ready to give your metabolism a natural boost, fight cancer and obesity, improve your cognitive health, and enjoy the array of time-tested benefits of this green tea?

Order your first bottle of The Simple Life Metabolism Boosting Green Tea Extract right now. You’ll get FREE SHIPPING on your order and enjoy a great product approved by America’s most trusted supplement dealer.


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