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All products are 100% made in the USA, and the wooden mugs are custom-made just for The Simple Life!


Very, Very Limited Supply – Once They Are Gone, They Are Gone!


The Handmade Change Your Life Bundle Includes:

(1) Coffee/drinking Red Oak mug 10 oz
(1) Espresso/shot Red Oak mug 3.5 oz
(1) The Simple Life Journal – Your 365 Day Action Guide to Success (Hand Signed)
(1) The Simple Life – Life Balance Reboot Book


(Handwash only, do not use in microwave)

Made from Red Oak, cup is carved on a CNC router. Hand-finished with all-natural materials, shellac, and tung oil.

The Simple Life Journal (Hardcover Hand Signed)

Are the years of your life getting better, or staying the same? Are you tired of looking back and hoping next year will be different?

What if you could shatter the cycle of broken “this year will be different” promises and finally make this the best year of your life? If you like the sound of this, you’re going to LOVE The Simple Life Journal.

You’ve probably seen journals that are either too complicated or that don’t offer enough practical “bite-sized” pieces of actionable guidance.

The Simple Life Journal breaks the mold by delivering the perfect balance of mind-expanding wisdom and daily action prompts. Here’s what you’ll get when you take this journal home today…

  • Get a four-phase game plan for getting healthy, mastering your finances, finding your purpose, and starting your life’s mission.
  • Discover a clear and actionable game plan for living a life of balance and simplicity.
  • Learn the Five Simple Life Principles that will set your feet on a solid foundation for building a simpler, happier, and clutter-free life.
  • Gradually incorporate the habits that will have you living a life true to yourself.
  • Get simple daily action prompts for staying on track with your most important goals, no matter how busy you are!
  • Get a weekly checkpoint to review your progress and to prepare you for another momentous week.
  • Get quick, weekly mind-expanding insights from America’s Simple Living expert, Gary Collins.
  • Train yourself to live with more peace of mind, and to become immune to the criticism and negativity of others.
  • Discover how Gary’s “take action today and every day” philosophy will turn small actions into significant and exciting life changes.
  • Develop natural, easily repeatable routines and habits that will sweep aside self-sabotage and accelerate your momentum.
  • Discover the power of small, subtle changes over time, and make more progress this year than you have in the last five years.
  • Use Gary’s “Three-Legged Stool” approach to wipe out procrastination and prevent it.
  • Apply simple habit formation to turn small actions into massive momentum.
  • Amaze your friends with a personal transformation that will make this your best year ever!
  • Discover the hidden dogma that’s keeping you locked in cycles of self-sabotage, and how to break free forever.
  • Learn how Gary’s Simple Life philosophy can free you from the “Cult of Clutter” and reward you with a life of freedom and happiness.
  • Learn the Five Simple Life Principles to break out of the daily grind and live a life of integrity.
  • Develop habits that will make you immune to negative peer pressure and give you unbreakable self-confidence.
  • Become the “luckiest person you know” by applying simple, practical principles of self-transformation and success.

If you are ready for a step-by-step journey into a life bursting with purpose and possibility, grab The Simple Life Journal right now! Use it for the next 365 days, and one year from today, people will barely recognize the person you’ve become.

The Simple Life Life Balance Reboot Book (Softcover)

The book that will change your life forever by life simplification expert Gary Collins.

Are you struggling to find your direction in life? Do you believe there has to be a better way?

Why is it so hard to stay healthy, financially independent, and to live your life’s purpose? If you’ve read a lot of self-help books, but still feel lost on this question, you’re not alone. In this short, user-friendly guide, best-selling author Gary Collins pulls back the curtain on the subtle deceptions lurking in most self-help books. Most importantly, he reveals the no-nonsense truth about life balance, why it’s so hard for so many of us, and how to start living the life you want in the next 90 days.

You’ll read this book more than once. You’ll use it for years to come. You’ll buy copies for all your friends, family, and coworkers. Read the first page and find out why!


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