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Going Off The Grid is written by best selling author, simple living, and primal lifestyle expert Gary Collins. Not only does he promote the off the grid lifestyle, but actually lives it!

Updated and Revised 2nd Edition for 2021!

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Are You Ready for a Simpler, More Peaceful Life?

Is your life too noisy? Too complicated? Are you stressed out, overworked, and longing for a deeper, daily connection with nature? If so, get ready to curl up with this info-packed tell-all guide on how to escape “The Grid” and create your own self-sustaining, personal paradise.

Since 2010, author, ex-military intelligence officer, and fitness expert Gary Collins has helped thousands of self-reliant adventure-seekers escape the “Cult of Clutter” and create a life most people only get to dream about.

Going Off The Grid unpacks a step-by-step series of eye-popping insights on what it really takes to live off-the-grid while still enjoying the creature comforts of modern living.

In this book, you’ll discover…

  • How to downsize your current living conditions and prepare for peaceful, clutter-free living in your own private paradise.
  • How to save tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in your search for the perfect off-grid property.
  • How to leap over the landmines of hiring and managing general contractors while building your off-grid home.
  • How to stay connected to the “real world,” without blowing thousands on clunky “fix it yourself or pay a fortune hiring someone” tech gadgets.
  • Learn from Gary’s experience as you enjoy entertaining, informative, and wildly humorous stories of his off-grid adventures.

Most off-grid books, TV shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos make this lifestyle look easy and glamorous. What they won’t tell you is that most of these “off-gridders” are just actors or marketers who live in comfortable condos and only travel off-the-grid to shoot another “time to look rugged for the camera” episode.

If you’re tired of phony “how-to” books and blogs that read more like personal journals than practical guides, this book is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’ll love Gary’s practical “dirt under your fingernails” advice about how to find, plan, build, and maintain your own off-the-grid sanctuary.

Buy this book, Read it. Mark up the pages. Use Gary’s battle-tested wisdom and get ready to join a growing community of self-reliant, modern adventurers who have discovered the simple peace that awaits just beyond the boundary of ordinary life.

What Some People Are Saying About The Best Sell Book Going Off The Grid:

“I try to be impartial and not recommend specific products but I would recommend this book for anybody wanting to know realistically the trials and tribulations of figuring out how to buy land, find good contractors, and build an off-grid conventional, with all standard utilities – but a house in the country.”

Aur Beck Mother Earth News Book Review

“One of the best books that I’ve read for reaching my life long dream of a more simple and meaningful life. Chock-full of advice on things that we think we know, but we don’t in actuality. I’m going through a life change, and this book has really helped me get on the right track!”


“The author presents a first-hand account of buying property and building an off-grid home. So it is​ not theory or plans made in a vacuum. The information presented is from real-world experience. You’ll appreciate his straightforward non-sugar coated words: he tells it like it is and doesn’t attempt to sell readers on a “unicorn” one-size-fits-all solution. The author’s candor about dealing with building contractors alone is worth the price of the book.”


“This book is easily worth the price when you discover how much time and money it will save you. Mr. Collins provides answers to questions that people probably don’t even know they need to ask and his real-world experience brings a healthy dose of reality to the idea of building off-grid. The author “walks the walk” in this book and it’s clear that he has spent time in the trenches making his off-grid plans a reality. Some important things I learned from reading this book include:

Different types of septic systems are available based on your land use and topography.
The realities of satellite internet versus mobile hot-spots and other alternative connections.
The complications of water rights and micro hydropower.
Efficient uses of power for pumping and storing water.
The pitfalls of dealing with contractors in an off-grid construction scenario (worth the cost of the book on its own).

In conclusion, this book is a very valuable resource for anyone planning to build and live off-grid.”


“I’ve read Gary Collins’ other books. Collins uses the same writing approach in Going Off the Grid – taking complicated subject matters and simplifying them for us non-experts and managing to keep the content interesting and not boring. Chapter 6 of this book, Dealing with General Contractors, is worth the value of the book by itself. Having recently been through a similar experience with bad contractors, this chapter really helps put things in perspective and shows where I went wrong. If you are interested in purchasing property and living off-grid, I highly recommend this book.”


“I read Going off the Grid: The how-to book of simple living to learn more about simplifying your life, not necessarily how to see how to build an off the grid home. Gary does a great job of not only telling you the trials and tribulations of building a self-sustaining home, but gives you a blueprint on how to make your life easier by paring down your life. This was an entertaining read and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to choose this lifestyle.”


“Going Off the Grid: The How-to Book of Simple Living and Happiness by Gary Collins, MS is an intelligent self-help book for those who are thinking about, in the process of, or even just curious about living comfortably and autonomously. As Collins begins he makes it clear that there are many different ways to define what living “off the grid” means, and that his experience, while comprehensive in its application, isn’t a sole and singular perception. What Collins delivers is a virtual encyclopedia of all things off the grid, covering every conceivable prerequisite to development, cost, planning, consideration, and resources for turning the dream of living autonomously into a reality.”

“Going into this book I was unsure of what to expect. This is partly due to my narrow understanding of what living off the grid meant (which, frankly, had been thus far limited to what I’d seen in “prepper” shows), and partly due to my only real foray into the wilderness being an Alaskan cruise taken last summer. Not exactly roughing it, I know. Going Off the Grid by Gary Collins changed all of that. His straightforward and natural narrative allowed me to see something that was not only attainable, but that also sounded really, really nice. If you have any interest in living autonomously at all, even if it isn’t a full-time existence, I believe this all-inclusive guidebook would be a gem of a manual to help in every step of the way. There is nothing that Collins doesn’t cover and his experience can save you from the pitfalls and expenses that are often the true cost of living simply.”

Reviewed By Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

1 review for Going Off The Grid (eBook)

  1. Jamila (verified owner)

    Gary’s book for me demystified what it really means to build a house using off-grid systems. I wasn’t after too many technical details because I will not install the systems myself, but an understanding of how they work so I have some knowledge before selecting the land and talking to contractors. Additionally, Gary gives away some stories out of his own experience, so we can avoid the pitfalls. You also get some advice on preparing yourself financially and very valuable information on securing your property. Very informative and with some funny anecdotes, makes it a very enjoyable read. I recommend this book to anyone interested in living off-the-grid.

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