Interview: Primal Pastures Owner Paul Greives

Recently I interviewed Paul Greives of Primal Pastures located in Temecula, California. I’m a big fan of Primal Pastures and what they are doing in the sustainable farming movement. They are currently trying to raise $40,000 using a Kickstart funding program to grow their farm and purchase more animals. Click the more button below to watch the video interview and to get more details on how you can help Primal Pastures reach their goal.

Primal Power Method - Primal Pastures Farmer Paul

Here is a little piece from a future book by me about “going organic” that I feel is timely with this interview:

Once you make the change to organic “free range,” “grass fed” products you will wonder why you ever purchased and consumed those Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) products to begin with. Your healthy will improve, your stomach will feel better, and you will be helping the environment all in one swoop. For me the biggest difference was a profound change in digestion and digestion issues. When I consumed CAFO products I would undoubtedly have a couple mysterious stomach ailments a year and some of them were pretty bad requiring me to go to the doctor. Once I made the change, I have not had one of these bouts once with organic meat and animal product. Let me repeat that, not one issue! I eat my meat mostly rare and it is delicious, I don’t have to super char it to make sure I have killed the various organisms that can do me harm. People are amazed to find I let my meat sit out for hours getting to room temperature before I cook it. I cut my vegetables on the same plate after a simple water rinse and can you believe it I’m still alive!

When it comes to quality there is just no comparison, but the real difference is in the nutritional value of organic “grass fed,” “free range” animal products. Below are some simple facts when it comes to the above type of raised animals.

A study in the Journal of Dairy Science found:

Cows grazing pasture and receiving no supplemental feed had 500% more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in milk fat than cows fed typical dairy diets.

CLA has been found to:

– Increases metabolic rate

– Decreases abdominal fat

– Enhances muscle growth

– Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides

– Lowers insulin resistance

– Reduces food-induced allergic reactions

– Enhances your immune system

Some more benefits of healthy cows:

– Compared with conventional beef, grass-fed is higher in omega-3s, the heart-healthy fatty acids found in salmon.

– Pasture-fed cattle have lower levels of harmful Campylobacter and E. coli than those raised on CAFO farms.

– Calves raised on pasture have less E. coli than calves raised in barns.

– Grass-finished cattle excrete fewer dangerous bacteria in their feces; this reduces the spread of such bacteria onto meat in slaughterhouses.

– Grass-fed cattle get less sick less often and need fewer treatments with antibiotics.

Should this come as any surprise as cows are meant to eat grass, chickens are supposed to eat grass, seeds, and insects, not some contrived slurry of grains and animal parts.

A little about Primal Pastures:

Do you know where your food comes from? Do you know what it’s fed, injected with, or what quality of life it experiences? We think you should. Our goal at Primal Pastures is to produce food that we feel good about feeding to ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren – food that is grown responsibly, sustainably, and according to nature’s brilliant design. We believe that there is a better way – a higher calling if you will – that we truly are or will become what we eat.

Primal Pastures is the outgrowth of:

1. A belief that we are experiencing a major food crisis
2. A sound idea of how to fix it
3. A vision of raising the best meat in the world produced in Southern California

In 2012, we launched a humble little farm operation in Temecula, California. We did this with a dream of producing premium grade, healthy and happy pastured poultry, grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, pastured pork, pastured turkey, and pastured duck raised locally, sustainably, and responsibly by healthy farmers for healthy families. Starting on one acre of pastureland, we began to raise 54 free range chickens on pasture and called them “primal chickens”. We accrued a wait list of more than 100 families before the first batch of birds was even ready. Although our farm has grown significantly since then, we are still working to keep up with the massive demand for local, high quality meats.

To sum it all up, we respect nature. A lot. Actually, we are quick to acknowledge that nature is smarter than we are!  It’s also smarter than science. Everything that we do is aimed at creating a natural habitat for our animals to thrive in.

For our pasture raised chickens, this means a true free range experience from day one where they are raised outside, on grass, soaking up the Vitamin D and scratching at the ground for bugs and worms. The supplemental feed that we provide is Organic and free of GMO’s or Soy. It also contains items found in a chicken’s natural diet. Our birds are given the ability to roam around and do things chickens are meant to do on a spacious grassy area that is rotated twice weekly to allow the grass time to recover and give the birds fresh forage to munch on.

Our sheep are pasture pure and truly free range, receiving no grain throughout their entire lives. They are treated humanely and forage on pasture every day of their lives. They live in a low stress environment and are rotated to fresh pastures twice weekly to simulate the mob grazing effect found in nature.

Since day one, we have spared no expense and our commitment to quality and integrity is unfaltering. No matter how much Primal Pastures grows, at the end of the day we are feeding this food to our children and grandchildren, and you can rest assured that our animals are living the life that they were designed for.

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