Paleo Meals To Go – Three New Flavors Review

Here are three new flavors by one of my favorite Paleo food companies Paleo Meals To Go. They are a mother and son owned company, and they definitely fit the Primal Power Method way of life. The new flavors I review are:

  • Caldera Chicken Curry
  • Bedrock Beef Chili
  • Butte Cacao Banana

Entire Transcript Of Review Below:

Gary Collins:  Hey everyone, this is Gary Collins. We’re here at season three at the job site. I wanted to share with you guys, I interviewed the owners of Paleo Meals To Go last year. I’ve been a user of their products here for probably a year, a year and a half.

They have some new flavors out that I wanted to introduce you guys to ‑‑ Caldera Chicken Curry is the first one, excellent. This one’s phenomenal. Bedrock Beef Chili is the next one here, and I’ll try and get these in so you can see them.

Also, my favorite which I just had this morning, was the Butte Cacao Banana, and I didn’t even add water to this one. I ate it right out of the bag. It was my meal to get going this morning, with my cup of organic coffee. It was perfect.

Primal Power Method Reviews Paleo Meals To Go New Flavors

These are great. These are freeze‑dried. They’re Paleo friendly, so all these meals ‑‑ obviously, Pale Meals To Go. For people who are real concerned, my friends, all of us who hike, backpack, do whatever, go hunting, fishing, are outside long days, these are perfect because you can get away with not even heating the water up. They work just as fine without boiling water. I’ve done it several times.

I wanted to let you guys know to go check these new flavors out. It’s, and make sure to check out, they always have new products going one, new flavors. Make sure to go check out my interview with them if you’re interested in how they started the company, and some of their products.


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