Off The Grid Project – The End Of Season #2

Here is Episode #15 of My Off The Grid Project

Gary Collins:  Hey, everyone. This is the last update of my Off the Grid project for 2015. I want to show you here, is the power shed. It looks a little different than the last time you saw it.

I have two of the panels up. Four more will be on the roof. Right now it’s just trickle charging the batteries, and we have the electrical wired inside.

Primal Power Method Gary's Off The Grid Project Solar Power Shed

To give you an idea, here’s the monstrosity. It looks big, but less than 1,000 square foot. But it’s pretty high. I’ll show you a little of that in a sec, but I want to give you a front view here.

See, there’s the back view of the house. Here’s the front view of the solar shed and storage shed. You can use it for both.

Here’s my “Gary’s color scheme.” We’ll see how that works. I tested it out on the shed first, and made a Picasso out of the shed. A lot of work, but well worth it.

Take you around here to the front, let you have a view here.

Gary's Off The Grid Project House Back

Came out OK. There will be some stories I will share. Needless to say, I’m on with another contractor now. I’ll discuss that much [laughs] more in the future, and I’ll have a special video on YouTube just about contractors and how to deal with them.

There’s the front. I know it’s hard. I’m trying to back up without falling down the hill, but that’s what it looks like there.

We’re sealing it in since our last bonehead contractor didn’t finish.

I bet some people are giggling right now who have built houses before. This isn’t my first rodeo, either. Contractors are fun.

They’re an interesting lot, and I don’t want to offend any of the good ones. If you’re good, you’re not offended. If you’re a crappy one, you’re probably offended right now. That’s the way it goes.

You can see the other side of the house. We’re getting there. It’s been a long, slow process. This thing was supposed to be much further along, but that’s usual. Again, dealing with contractors, they always make promises and usually don’t keep them.

You can tell I’m a little agitated at the moment, but it’s the way it goes. House building is always painful. I’m not being negative on that.

Gary's Off The Grid Project House Front

You talk to anyone who’s had a house built, and it is broken up many a marriages, bankrupted many a people and, yeah, ruined a lot of people’s lives.

You always have to tread lightly and hopefully by me getting punished and making some more mistakes you guys will learn from, I can give you guys some valuable, good information, and help you guys out in the future when dealing with contractors and building your own house and how it goes.

I’ve already saved one guy, so it worked out well. That just recently happened, and I’ll discuss that more, as well.

There it is, and this is the end of 2015 for me. 2016, new start. Fresh start and hopefully a lot [laughs] better and go a lot smoother.

Let’s end with a beautiful lake view, tranquility, and this is the prize. This is what I’m going for.

All of this pain and agony and hard work will eventually pay off.

Update! I have terminated the general contractor involved in initial building of the house for multiple ethical issues, and substandard construction. Due to this fact, I cannot and will not recommend this contractor for any type of construction or building project.


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4 thoughts on “Off The Grid Project – The End Of Season #2”

  1. Wow what a view…… I have watched all your off grid living, I enjoy your posts, i am interested in your the contractor part. Do you know when you will post that? I am looking into building a place and it would be such a help to know some do’s and dont’s ☺ and what to watch for.

    1. Thanks, the view is really awesome that is why the construction of the house is so important. It was a little out of my comfort zone to take on by myself, so getting a good contractor was really important. But I have been dealing with these knuckle heads for years, and they never seem to surprise me with their complete lack of ethics. I’m actually working on putting together a list of contractors who work on these types of projects, and listing them in my next book that should hopefully been done around Summer 2016. I need to get the video done soon though a lot of people have been asking about it. I promise I’ll get it done, and I will not hold back haha.

  2. Looks great. I like the color scheme… of course some nice flowering shrubs and annuals will complement it well. Too early for planting though.

    Is that scaffolding for a balcony?

    1. Thanks, I was a little worried about the color scheme, as it was colors I had never used before. All in good time with the landscaping haha.

      The scaffolding was for the finishing of sealing it up for the winter and installing some of the soffits they are way up there.

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