Off The Grid Project – House Building Continues

Here is Episode #14 of My Off The Grid Project

Gary Collins:  Hey everyone. This is Gary Collins, best selling author and creator of We’re here at my “Off The Grid Project.” I want to show you the building, and how the progress is going. This is the backside. I’m trying to show you guys everything, you can get a perspective of where we’re going. We’re up on getting the second floor done. The first floor is done.

We’ve tarred the bottom section because that is my crawl space. We’ve got drainage in. That’s the septic or is a sewer out. You can see we’ve got the drainage pipes on the sides. This is my southeast‑facing wall. You can see here, we’ve got a window. We got a slider and other windows. It’s all based on views. I want to show you guys everything, so you can understand where the heck we’re going from.

You see all my views out here. This is what we’re trying to capitalize on. You’ll see them from the inside. That’s the whole point of what we’re doing. The windows may not necessarily be perfectly symmetrical on each side and lined up, as it would on a normal house, but that is because I’m trying to get the best views possible.

Primal Power Method Gary Collins Off The Grid Project

Like I said, we’re shooting for views. This is the lake view, as you can see here in the partial second floor. This, up here, will be actually picture windows, stacked in that unfinished square or rectangle right there. That’s how that’s going to work. You can see that we’ve made a ton of progress.

We’re moving pretty fast, doing the final pour for the Faswall. I’ve received a lot of questions on the green product. It’s F as in Frank, A‑S‑W‑A‑L‑L, is the product. Go to, and you can go to their website. I guess I didn’t say it very clearly in one of my other videos. Like I said, I’ll be going over that more and more, as we move along.

Here is the inside. I’m trying not to kill myself, getting in and out of here, knock myself out. You can see we’re starting to frame everything in. The stairs are in. This is going to be the bathroom, the downstairs bathroom. I’m putting two bathrooms in here, you can see. This will include just a stand‑up shower, sink, and toilet.

Primal Power Method Gary Collins Off The Grid Project

I’m also going to put the stackable washer and dryer in here. Believe it or not, I will have enough power, to run a washer and dryer. It’ll be propane dryer. I’ll have enough power, no problem. The stairwell will be used for storage and closet space. As you can see, I’ll show you this is the first‑floor views. They’re pretty amazing.

We’re trying to set the windows up just right. The kitchen will be going over here. That way, the sink will be under the windows, I can take advantage of wall mat sink, cleaning dishes, or washing my vegetables or wild game, that I’ll be able to take advantage of that nice, beautiful view. We’ll go upstairs here, and you’ll be able to see a lot more of what’s going on.

The second floor is going to be pretty much back standing in the next couple of days. You can see again the windows and the views going for. Up here, this will be the master bedroom and my office. There will also be a loft in the future. I’ll show you that, once we get to that point. Again, you can see the views, and that’s the whole point.

Primal Power Method Gary Collins Off The Grid Project

Going for all those great views again on the second floor, you see all the windows, how they’re squared out. Everything works, you can see everything. It’s working out pretty well. I’m pretty happy with the way I put everything together, “At least,” there is couple more windows here. This corner will be another bathroom. This will be a full bath, shower tub, and a walking closet.

I’ll be putting at the center, my bed in the center of the room, facing towards the…I’m facing towards the lake. Yeah. Just want to show you guys that. Give you a quick update. Let you check all the nice views, and what the heck I’m up to. Sorry, guys. You don’t hear from me too often, but this is why.

There’s a lot going on. I promise to keep up with all of these and make sure I get it through numerous faces, you guys can see the construction. If you’re like me, I’m a construction, geek. I love seeing houses built, watching how they go up, and how they’re put together.

Primal Power Method Gary Collins Off The Grid Project


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