Off The Grid Project – Build Site Preparation

Here is Episode 11 of “Gary’s Off The Grid Project.”

Hey folks, I know it has been a bit long on the updates, but I promise you I have been keeping busy with my off the grid project. I just started getting everything in order to build the house, to include permits, site prep and all that other fun stuff. In this episode I will show you the building site preparation, and what the final plans are for the house construction. Make sure to stay tuned, because I will have more videos coming shortly. I’m doing my best to document all the construction, so you can see how this crazy project is coming together.

Below is the transcript of the video above:

Gary Collins:  Hey, everyone, I know it’s been a while, but there’s been a lot going on. Getting ready, just want to show you some of the site prep that’s going on. Down there, I’ll show you some more of the dirt work we’ve been doing.

That is a turnaround for all the heavy equipment we have to still get up here, and the site of my future pond, with hopefully many fish, which would be nice. Someday, someday.

You can see we’ve put in a little turnaround right there, parking area for cars and equipment. Septic is all in, that’s that right there. Some scrap of wood.

Here’s the building product I wanted to show you, stacked up here, pallets of brick called Faswall, which is a really cool product. I’m going to get more into that in later videos, which will be coming up really soon. Make sure to keep checking back or subscribe.

It’s been an interesting process. I didn’t expect as much dirt work as we’ve been doing, but that’s what happens in construction, all these unforeseen things always pop up. But I’m glad that we’re moving a lot of it now, because it gives me a better perspective on how the entire layout’s going to look as far as the property.

Here is the actual building site with more Faswall bricks stacked in there to make it easier. We’ll be pouring the footings this week, actually, in a couple days, so pretty exciting.

The well’s in, we’ve got water, we’re going to hook up the generator, start pumping water, so we’ll be able to mix our own cement as needed. Obviously, for the big jobs, going to have to still tow a cement truck up here.

If you guys haven’t watched me when we used the bulldozer to get the drilling rig up for the well, it’s pretty sketchy. But well worth it, and you can still see there’s been some more dirt moved, if you guys look at the older videos. Yeah, wish when I was younger, I would have invested in a bulldozer, it would’ve saved me a lot of money.

Update! I have terminated the general contractor involved in initial building of the house for multiple ethical issues, and substandard construction. Due to this fact, I cannot and will not recommend this contractor for any type of construction or building project.


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2 thoughts on “Off The Grid Project – Build Site Preparation”

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      Hey Chris,

      The brick I’m using is called Faswall They are out of Philomath, Oregon. I have more videos showing the process of using Faswall, but as usual I’m behind haha. It is a great product, and they do ship LTL (Less than full load), which means you can get it delivered almost anywhere for a decent price. If you are near them you can also place your order and pick it up.

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