My Off The Grid Project – Progress On The Upstairs

Oh boy where has the time gone so much to do haha. I know my video updates suck, as far as getting them out within a decent time frame, but I’m getting there. I will honestly say after spending 10 hours a day, pretty much everyday tying to run a business and build a house off the grid, posting things on my blog or social media is the last thing on my mind at the end of the day. But the good news is I’m done for the season so I will be rolling the updates out there at a consistent pace.

With that being said here is the latest video showing the progress of the upstairs. I had to make some changes trying to fix the mess from my incompetent contractor last year, but the fixes are coming out pretty good. Plus I decided to add some other things, mainly storage, as the smaller the house the less room you have for storing things you don’t use all the time. I now think not only do I have a lot more storage area that would have been for the most part unusable space, but it will also look better in the end.

The views are still amazing, my last contractor at least didn’t screw that up 🙂 so the addition of the third story deck outside the loft I think is a great addition worth the money. It is always nice to have a little Zen area, and I plan to put a pretty cool hammock up there to enjoy the peace and quiet.

I hope you enjoy and I’ve been getting some really good questions, so keep them coming!


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