My Off The Grid Project Season 3 Dealing With (Former) Bad Contractor’s

Well, after watching this episode you will begin to see why I’m calling this season “Fixing Stupid.” I point out just a small part of what my now terminated contractor did last season. Needless to say, his work was some of the worst I have ever seen. With that being said, I’m knee deep fixing everything so I can start with a clean slate. So far me and a helper have spent a month and a half fixing all the crappy work (a generous description) my former General Contractor did last season. After thousands of dollars in materials, and hundreds of hours of labor, I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully in the near future I will begin starting on the next phase and leave this “Fixing Stupid” stuff behind.

I hope to do a more in-depth video outlining the horrible work, so you can know what to look out for. The bad contractors are really devious on how they try and hide bad work, and of course blame you for all of it. This one was no exception, blaming me for everything that was wrong, not to mention trying to charge twice as much as agreed upon, taking over twice as long, then not even completing the work. Yep, complete unscrupulous idiot, basically a criminal with a contractors license.

See Complete Transcript Below:

Gary Collins:  Hey everyone. I wanted to show you the inside and where we’re at in the progress of “Fixing Stupid.” That’s just one of the major things I’m having to do which I would not had to have done if my contractor would have done the work right.

What you’re seeing is, I’m framing the entire inside now, which is costing me square footage. Faswall actually, unlike cinder block, you do not need to enter your frame usually. Cinder block you don’t usually either, but most people do.

Gary's off the grid project

I’m doing this because I have nowhere to route any of my plumbing. Just like cinder blocks, same kind of deal. This was supposed to be done prior. This was supposed to be notched in. This product is actually easy to notch, if you do it before you install the floors.

But all the floors got installed, there was no notching. I asked several times. Our solution is, I’m actually 2×4 framing the entire inside now so I can route everything the way I want to. Actually, the electrical was routed wrong. [laughs] That is inside the Faswall, but it’s in the wrong spots. The actual outlets [laughs] upstairs are sideways instead of vertical. All these outlet boxes are now all filled with spray foam, as they are completely unusable.

I’m eliminating a lot of problems. You’re starting to see why it’s called Fixing Stupid. This is the third house I’ve had built. I’ve done a lot of remodeling myself. I will honestly say, this is the worst work I’ve seen to date. The guy who did it, George Weaver owner of Alpha & Omega Construction in Oldtown, Idaho do not use this guy or any of his subcontractors, as they come from the same idiot lot. To be direct, and actually generous in my description he’s a flat out incompetent criminal.

I will say that hands down. Stay away from this guy. You can see, most people who are in the industry will start to see the problems. They’re pretty obvious, a lot of them. It’s going well though. We’re fixing it. It’s taking a lot of time and money.

off the grid house faswall

This is a solution…there are ways, I know people are going, “You can route pipes around and run it in corners and all that.” We thought about it. It was going look too awkward and having chases in odd spots didn’t make sense. It was going to take away from the look.

In the end, I decided it was cheaper and more time efficient just to 2×4 frame the entire house inside. Start from scratch. Don’t try and retro all the bad work, just start over and redo everything. It will look much better in the end. Also, what it will do too, I’m going to get more insulation value.

The Faswall itself already has a really high insulation value. Now, I’m going to be insulating in here. I’ll use bat insulation inside the 2×4 framing again. That will help even more. In the end, it was a problem but the solution has some benefits too.

For this video, we’ll talk about framing. I’ll talk about other stuff as it pops up and how we’re fixing it. Also, the progress of where we’re going from here. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel, YouTube/PrimalPowerMethod and get your updates on Gary’s Off the Grid Project.


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