Ep 113: Obesity, The Real Pandemic – Cause, Effect and The Solution

As we fly through the universe of crazy these days, we are ignoring the biggest elephant (figuratively and literally) in the room, causing the most harm in this country: obesity. In America, it will not be a murky virus, economic ruin, or even terrorism that does us in–it appears it will be our inability to put down a fork and knife. Our waistlines are exploding, we are on numerous pharmaceutical drugs, yet we ignore the easiest solution to our weight gain woes: regular exercise and eating healthy. But what does that really mean?

We will dig into the numbers, and I will warn you they are not pretty. To say we are fat as a nation is putting it nicely. The facts tell a very disturbing problem in our society, and it is getting worse at an alarming rate.

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Today I bring on my favorite scientist and data analyst to help me go through the numbers–Madame X. Yes, she has to use an alias, well, because people are crazy. 

Topics Discussed:

* What the do the statistics really say about obesity

* What is the “Healthcare Industrial Complex”

* Why there is no money in healthy people

* Why being fat is not beautiful and definitely not healthy

* Why optimal health is the key to not getting Covid, not getting vaccinated 

* Is it possible some of us are genetically skewed to be overweight, or obese

* Can you beat bad genetics and still live a life of optimal health and wellness

* Why it is easy to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle if you just pay attention

* Why health fads are fads for a reason

* Why your poor health negatively impacts everyone around you

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Show Links:

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