Nutrisystem: Another Celebrity Weight-Loss Scam?

Everyday we hear about the latest and greatest celebrity weight-loss technique or product that is surely going to change your life. I agree it will change your life in two ways:

1) Make you lighter by making your money magically fly out of your butt at a high rate of speed.Primal Power Method Celebrity Weight Loss Scam

2) At worst, make you sicker than a dog; at best, fatter than when you started.

The Primal Power Method has some tried and true advice when it comes to celebrities and using their hyped-up weight-loss products. Don’t! …Well, unless you really enjoy making them richer and yourself poorer. Yes, this includes all those supposed experts like Dr. Oz, Oprah and Jillian Michaels. It doesn’t matter what letters are after their name. The fact is – if they make their money on TV, don’t get weight-loss advice from them. If they were truly experts in health and wellness, guess what? They would be working in the health and wellness industry and not on TV land.

One of my all time favorite celebrity weight-loss hyped products is Nutrisystem. I know a little bit about Nutrisystem, because by now you should know I’m quite the risk taking, human guinea pig, in order to save you some pain. I have tried various diets and weight-loss products over the years, primarily so I can talk intelligently about them to my clients and people who follow my Primal philosophy.

About 6 or 7 years ago when Nutrisystem was all the rage and their stock was in the stratosphere, I decide to order me up a box of some dehydrated hockey puck hamburger patties and canned mystery items. Now the first hint this was a bad idea was when a month’s worth of food arrives in a box left in the sun on your front doorstep. I’m pretty sure my Primal ancestors wouldn’t have access to such prepackaged meals dropping out of the sky in front of their cave. If they did they would surely not eat it, but probably use the hockey puck hamburgers as fuel for their fires and the cans to throw at real food that they wanted to eat.

Once I opened this treasure trove of prepackaged magic fat burning items, I knew things were not going to go well. There wasn’t one item in that box that resembled anything even close to real food. After reading a couple of ingredient labels, I knew my health was definitely at risk from the multitude of chemicals that I couldn’t pronounce. What was the main preservative for this fake food? Processed salt, which causes hypertension, diabetes, gout and obesity…Perfect how did they know that is exactly what I was looking for! Considering this was just one of the many deleterious chemicals in this food I was going to have a good time.

Take that Super Size Me, McDonalds is for wimps you want to really ruin your health step up to Nutrisystem!

Being the true risk taker I decided to go for that dehydrated mystery meat patty first. I was pretty sure it was primarily made of saw dust. After I ate it I was positive saw dust was at least an ingredient. Funny thing – it took me just as long to prepare that non-food item as it would have taken for me to prepare a nutritious grass fed, free range, happy cow burger. Well I digress, I then moved on to the “pasta” meal contained in the peel-the-top, non-lined can variety. Hey, if you can’t get enough toxins in the food, might as well add a little more by using a leaching metal substance from the container, it just keeps getting better.

I will not gross you out with the many digestive issues that ensued, but I will tell you it was not pleasant for me or anyone within a 50 yard radius of me. So what happens when a fairly healthy individual embarks on a Nutrisystem adventure? After two weeks I felt like utter hell and looked it, gained 7 pounds (mostly water from all the processed salt and extra refined carbs), definitely had symptoms of hypertension, had dizzy spells, constant stomach aches, gas, bloating and headaches.

I consider myself a fairly tough guy, but I could only take two weeks of this misery before I called it quits. It took about a month for my system to recover from this experiment. As I always say in the realm of health “if celebrities are promoting it, I can guarantee it’s probably junk.”

Just as a side note, have you ever noticed the celebrities who endorse and use Nutrisystem magically end up disappearing for a while, then reappear fatter than ever, disappear again and magically come back skinny. Hmmm sounds like someone is purposely fattening themselves up for better results, wow we have never seen that technique used before in weight-loss industry (insert sarcasm here).

With that being said you can safely assume I’m no fan of pre-packaged meal plans. I have seen time and time again when someone successfully loses weight eating these meals (which is rare), once they stop they instantly gain weight and end up weighing more than when they started. Plain and simple, they are not providing you with better food, but just making you eat less calories, usually far less calories then you did before. As my Simple Life followers already know, it’s not the amount of calories you eat, but the quality of calories you eat that counts.

I hope this saves some of you who are thinking about trying such a plan from some pain, wasted money and time. There is no shortcut or magic pill when it come to weight-loss and health, just real healthy food mixed with some exercise and that is why I wrote The Simple Life Guide To Optimal Health: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Reverse Disease and Feel Better Than Ever.


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6 thoughts on “Nutrisystem: Another Celebrity Weight-Loss Scam?”

  1. Well something that is hardly talked about.
    WHY! we eat.
    You can blame your body not adopting to calorie intake and make up any other scientific reason to why the body wants more carbs etc etc etc.

    Bottom line. For most people overweight. You need to find out your inner childs reasons for stuffing food in your mouth. Until most people start accepting this. You can kiss (any) type of weight loss goodbye.
    Something that is rarely talked about of course. As it is a difficult pill to swallow and most do not want to hear it.
    So for the people that have weight issues. It requires a very small book to read.
    Eat healthy and less.
    And to keep your lifestyle change. Therapy

    1. Well Kirk,

      I will not disagree there is also a strong mental component when it comes to weight-loss and regaining your health. What I like to highlight though is the chemistry behind food addiction as well. We are constantly bombarded by ads and marketing telling us to eat all these highly processed foods that are garbage. When you consume foods that are addicting (high in sugar and carbs) your brain chemistry also changes showing signs of addiction just like heroin and cocaine. There have been studies showing the effects of sugar on the brain, and it is not good.

      I would say when taking on the challenge of changing your health you take a balanced approach of physiological and psychological aspects, regarding what you eat and how much. I do tell my clients if they are not in the proper mental state for change there is no way I can help them, so I’m with you on that.

      1. I agree. It’s a shame when you go through the store and see all the high salts,sugars,fats,carbs and that is what you get. I remember always eating Cambell’s soups growing up. Now I see they all have very high sodium. I am getting older and notice the salt more in products. All the TV dinners are murder.I also feel that perhaps our cancer rates are correlated to all of the boxed/proceeded foods we consume.

  2. I’ve been trying to tell ppl about this piece of shit product for the longest time. Of course you are going to lose weight when you cut your caloric intake by half. Guess what also happens when you do that? It lowers your ability to metabolize calories as effectively. Why? Your body is amazing it senses the lower calorie intake and slows it’s metabolism process down, because it knows it needs calories to function and if it burned calories at the rate it used to you’d be fainting in the middle of the day. So now you’ve lost the weight you wanted to, so you think hey I can go back to my regular diet and be ok, NOPE! Your metabolism is now working at a slower rate because you were starving yourself. Your body won’t be able to burn those extra calories as efficiently as it once did and then you balloon back up to what you used to be or worse. Also look at the nutrition labels on their food the ratio of carbs to protein is like 2.5/1!!! A diet that consists of more carbs than protein, you fucking kidding me? People need to realize you need to eat MORE to lose weight. You cycle up for 3-4 days (add 500 calories) then cycle back down for about two weeks. That way you train your body to improve its metabolic process by adding more food. Your body says hey I’m getting more calories I should start burning these faster, AND THATS HOW YOU DIET

    1. It doesn’t surprise me coming from a company that has made hundreds of millions of dollars pushing crappy processed meals and bad information. It reminds me of the show on HBO called Silicon Valley… all the big guys rip all the little guys off, because they know they can’t afford to pay all the legal costs to sue them. The world is just upside down, nothing makes sense anymore.

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