Ep 97: Dan Cerrillo – From Navy SEAL, Dealing with Addiction and PTSD, to Helping Others

Today, we talk with former Navy SEAL Dan Cerrillo and instructor at Spartan Seven Executive Adventures. This is another good one, as Dan and I talk about a multitude of topics concerning leadership, addiction, hard work, and changing your life for the better. There is so much to unpack in this one, I will just give it the “must listen” check mark!

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About Spartan Seven Executive Adventures:

At Spartan Seven Executive Adventure we seek to provide high net worth clients and organizations the leadership, 

communication, offensive mindset, and advanced situational awareness skills developed by Navy SEALs. 

To provide a hands on approach to teaching our clients advanced skills in shooting, driving, hand to hand combatives, travel safety, home defense, and personal defense through realistic mission based scenarios. At course completion our clients will have increased skills in leading by example, effectively communicating under duress, accomplishing goals and projects through an offensive mindset, and paying acute attention to detail through advanced situational awareness.

About Dan: 

Dan served as a Navy SEAL with multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the Navy Dan was selected as one of the founding members of the Paul Allen’s Executive Protection Team. During his tenure at Vulcan Inc. he founded CrossFit Bellevue the largest most equipped CrossFit Training Center on the West Coast as well as Lake Hills CrossFit, CrossFit Inter-bay and CrossFit Ad Alta. Dan now serves on the Board of Directors for the Navy SEAL Fund and is the Tennessee Ambassador for the Navy SEAL Foundation. Dan is also one of the founding members of Global Support and Development a privately funded humanitarian outreach team. From 2008 – 2016 Dan served as the Director of Training for SEALFit.com and helped expand and develop the 50-hour Endurance Event Kokoro, SOF Immersion Academy and Turning Steel. Dan is also an accomplished high school football strength and conditioning and Linebacker coach were until 2016 he was part of the Bellevue Wolverine Coaching Staff and won and unprecedented 13-state championships and 2013 National Championship. Dan now serves as the Chief of Staff for American Addiction Centers the largest addiction treatment company in the world. 

Topics Discussed: 

* How Dan’s life journey of a troubled youth, hard work, and a bar brawl led him to  being a Navy SEAL

* Dan and I, learn we had very similar experiences growing up

* How he became one of the most successful high school football coaches in the country

* How family tragedy made him finally get help for his addiction and PTSD

* How Dan used “experimental” treatments to fix his brain and stop his addiction

* How stem cell treatment is given and how it works

* How never giving up is the true quality that will make you successful

* Why we need to learn how to let go of the hate and love each other more

* What is the main mission of Spartan Seven Executive Adventures

* How did Dan become involved with American Addiction Centers

* How Dan set up a program for Vets to get help for addiction, PTSD and brain trauma

Resources and links:

*Spartan Seven Executive Adventure’s Website: https://www.spartan7adventure.com

* American Addiction Centers Website: https://americanaddictioncenters.org/

* Belong to The Simple Life Insider’s Circle: https://thesimplelifenow.com/betterlife

* The Simple Life website: https://thesimplelifenow.com

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