Mission Automotive Tow Hitch Tightener Product Review

Anyone has owned a tow hitch bike rack knows, they like to wobble around, usually driving you crazy. There is nothing worse than seeing your expensive bikes being continuously shaken, without you even riding them.

I did all kinds of modifications to my last tow hitch bike rack just so it wouldn’t wobble as much. In the end I spent hours messing around with it and I never completely solved the problem. When I got my new bike rack I was hoping this would not be the case, but just like my old one it swayed and bounced all over the place while on the road.

Mission Automotive tow hitch tightener review

So using the dummy net, I actually found a simple solution that made sense, and was fairly inexpensive. I found a product made by Mission Automotive that actually secures your bike rack the tow hitch receiver. Click the Amazon link image and link below to get the Mission Automotive Hitch Tightener I’m using in the video:

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