Keepin It Real – With Gary & Nicole, Episode 1: Talking About the Difficulties of Change

I interviewed Nicole last month and we instantly hit it off, and the idea of doing some show’s on some health related topics was born. Nicole is a fantastic person and fits right into the The Simple Life mindset; she knows her stuff and is very passionate about what she does.

In this show we discuss the difficulties of change and how people struggle with it. This is a very timely subject, as many people are trying start the New Year off with better health. Change in anything you do in life is always difficult, but health seems to offer unique challenges for almost everyone. The change involved in altering your lifestyle, as it relates to health has a ripple effect. You will not only be facing the challenges related to your health, but other aspects of your life such as relationships, stress, your job to name a few. Nicole and I discuss the challenges you will face and how to better prepare yourself when these challenges arise, and how to conquer them. So sit back, or better yet walk on your treadmill as you watch and enjoy this episode!


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