Ep 128: Ask Gary Anything (Round 4)

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Gary Anything.” This is where you, the audience, get to send in your questions about anything, and I will answer them. That is right, you heard it… anything, because that is how I roll! On occasion, I will pick listener questions and answer them on the air.

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If you want to have your question(s) considered, simply fill out the contact form on my website www.thesimplelifenow.com, or better yet become a member of “The Simple Life Insider’s Circle” link is at the bottom of the show notes. Today, we have some great questions:

  1. (Adam) What drove you start your podcast?
  2. (Martin) can you briefly go over suggestions and thoughts on how to stay focused and disciplined.  working towards overcoming procrastination. and maybe touch on how to avoid starting to many hobbies, or projects, at the same time and not following through with any of them.
  3. (Jamila) Why did you move to Arizona of all the states in the USA? (Apart from the weather because it’s not the only one with a hot climate.)

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* The Simple Life Website: https://thesimplelifenow.com 

*Make sure to signup and be a member of The Simple Life Insider’s Circle at: https://thesimplelifenow.com/the-simple-life/

Transcripts :


with gary collins

your how-to guide for getting your

together this is life you gotta work on

all these until the day you die the only

thing missing is you getting off your





hey everyone welcome to another episode

of ask gary anything that is me creator

of the simplelifenow.com

make sure to go check out the website

it’s brilliant the new one is up it

looks great simple straightforward

and uh before i jump in i want to talk

about that just a little bit um

people a couple people ask me why why’d

you redo the website and all that good

stuff my website has been patched

together for damn near a decade


it’s gone through numerous uh versions

domain names

yeah it it’s it’s it had a lot of little

gremlins in the behind the scenes that a

lot of you could not see but it drove uh

me crazy for sure and anyone who had to

work on it and thankfully i found a

great uh web hosting guy who’s done a

great job veteran

support your country people


so yeah

my goal was to clean it all up make it

easier even easier to use as one thing

i’ve always been complimented over the

years except for one point where let a

guy get his hands in there a little too

much and

complicated things but i like my website

to be very straightforward easy to use

easy to navigate makes it easy on your

mobile phone now which when i started

that that wasn’t a thing

so yeah i’ve had an e-commerce website

for a long time long time

so it was time to reboot that thing and

scrap the

the back end mainly the front end you

won’t notice it as much but i hope you

guys enjoy it

tell me what you think of it

i hope it’s a lot easier to use and

you’re always tweaking it changing it’s

like going in a property you’re always

working on something and if you are

watching the video

you will see behind me first of all the

weather and so hopefully it doesn’t

make a bunch of noise it’s been blowing

like a mother

and raining and um

you’ll see these slats behind me well i


well i didn’t build it from scratch i

was going to but materials are so

expensive that it would i ended up

realizing it would be about the same

price for me to buy something as it was

to build it from scratch

and i want to try this thing out it had

some benefits it’s a they call it a

pergola but it’s not really a pergola

it’s oh god gary’s talking about

projects hey yeah i want to get into it

because i need to update that will be

being updated too i got a whole bunch of

projects stuff i’ve done i need to get

them on there i know i know do your

video i’m not doing videos on them it

would literally take me forever i don’t

have time uh pictures are the same

without me talking all right um and the

slats open up so it’s all uh aluminum

powder coated aluminum and it i got

lucky it’s actually the same color as my

window frames ironically i got real

lucky with that one

so i wanted to use it because it won’t

you know it won’t rust it’s powder

coated it looks good it it came in 50

bazillion pieces like everything

luckily this one wasn’t damaged

i’m gonna do an episode about all the

materials and all the things i’ve

received and the i’ve had to go

through in this house build

and it’s gonna

i know other people are going through it

because i get the emails but the slacks

here thank god they open up because as

soon as i get this damn thing up i

haven’t even staked it in the ground

you’re actually supposed to


bolt it to the concrete it’s made to sit

on it’s called a pergola that’s really

not a pergola i’m using it as a a

overhang for the front of the house to

shield the sun and like i said luckily

those slats open up with a crank because

that thing would have blown away

for sure with the wind gusts i’ve gotten

and uh but yeah so you’re supposed to

bolt it all into the concrete wall i

only have one piece of slab that it can

sit on so i had to level the ground

build up a

freaking uh

a platform for it out of uh a b rock and

and pack it down and bricks and pain in

the ass but i didn’t even get the stakes


barely got this thing put together put

it in place and the storms hit and i’m

like god damn it

so luckily it hasn’t blown away so i’m

very fortunate but if those slots didn’t

open up that thing would be gone but

yeah so i did that and it’s uh 10 by 20.

it looks really good it fits the house

real well

and uh we’ll see how it goes i got to do

some modifications to it and uh

better a little better engineering on

some of it you know typical freaking

things made in china i think who knows i

i i i if i had to guess i didn’t see any

made in china stickers on it but i’m

guessing made in china so as everything

i’m damn near bot

i can’t believe the things that are made

in china everything is made in china

what are we doing people

start businesses and start manufacturing

good for god’s sakes in america

and you know i battle that i fight all

the time for that i’ve always always

stood by my word everything in this

company is made in the usa it always has

been it always will be that’s why i

print my own books i run my own book

company i do all of it to control it not

because i’m a sadist tyrannical leader


it is the only way i can make sure this

turns out right and i control it

you get the best product that’s for me

not from some jackass publishing company

that decided i needed a hook that

you know

don’t get me started this is the reason

i do things this way

it’s hard


but i do it so yes

side tangent little update there for you

though going to be doing a lot more of

these uh ask gary things i got quite a

few questions starting to run through

them so hey send don’t send some


anything you can ask me


i will

possibly answer no i’ve answered all of

them there’s been nothing i’ve rejected


so we’re on volume four here so if you

haven’t listened to them go back to the

other three there’s more questions i

don’t duplicate questions and i’m

keeping track of them to try and make

sure i’m not getting duplicates but

eventually i’ll have to answer questions

over again as new people run in and

stuff so i’ll get duplicates i for you

know that’ll happen eventually or a

little different kind of wording on a

similar question

but with that

let’s get started let’s dig into these

questions here and let’s see what we got

hold on drinking my coffee and those can

see the weather in the background too it

totally sucks and it’s pissing me off

too uh i answered this in a volume three

about being outside

it’s driving me nuts i’ve been indoors i

i had to come in around noon yesterday

that’s when everything hit

and i’ve been indoors since and i walk

the dogs in the rain i will i my dogs

know they don’t care so yeah they get it

we go on our walks no matter what

but man i’m losing my and it’s only

like nine in the morning the next day

and i’m already

cabin fever

we are meant to be outside people

um number one


what drove you to start your podcast

hold on drink my coffee

10 cents

pure organic

make it myself grind the beans

pour over

no no no uh

whatever triple soy

boy lattes or whatever

people buy 10 cents 100 organic espresso

make it myself

just just uh yeah simple life cheaper

simpler and i’m not getting poisoned

i need to do an episode about coffee and

tea too


ooh looking at the board

should i write it down i’ll remember

that one

uh but my podcast for those who are new

i left when i started this business

about 10 years ago

like i said it was a health company

and i’ve never ever been into social

media for those who follow me a long

time know i hate it i think it is one of

the worst things

to hit humanity ever

it has cost so much so much divisiveness

and strife and stress

and and suicides i mean depression you

name it um wasting of time is a really

big one matter of fact let’s get a

little tangent on that one real quick as

i answer this question

as i went to the gym yesterday uh

it was early in the morning and it’s the

holidays as i record this it’s a little

later you guys will get this a little


uh i watched a man probably in his 60s

i was there and i was on the bike so it

wasn’t like i had a stopwatch i was on

the stationary bike warming up and uh

he sat on his phone without looking up

for 14 minutes

never looked up

sitting on a stretching box

in his workout clothes

i was there for an hour he left before

he never worked out

never saw him lift the weight

he sat on that box on his phone then

there was one other person in there

talked to him and then he left

and i know he was updating social media

because i could tell and watching and

looking at so i could totally tell by

the the eye movement and the finger

movement what he was scrolling through

and what he was doing

painfully obvious

what the people

i mean honestly

and everyone wonders why

we are a dumpster fire of a country

at times

stop it

stop it old man you have nothing you’re

doing get off your ass you’re in the gym

work out

i i i was boiling after just watching

this and if that guy wouldn’t have

interrupted him

i i this could have gone on for 30

minutes easy never looked up head bent

down hunched over belly poking out


but at least he went to the gym so he’ll

tell all of his buddies that he works

out he doesn’t work out stares at his

goddamn phone

watching whatever i don’t even know okay

side tangent but my podcast


ten years ago you know roughly i didn’t

like social media and uh i was in the

health movement and at that time a lot

of people in the health movements were

taking i got hairs all over my shirt

here um

we’re taking advantage of social media

because it was fairly new

and you could reach everyone so if if

you were followed by a hundred thousand

people well if you posted something all

pretty much all hundred thousand would

see it

and uh people who don’t know this but


because of server space and to cut cost

because social facebook primarily was

not profitable

so they were just outline money because

they’re they’re reminding all your data

people that was his goal all along that

was the whole gist of facebook was to

mine your data and sell it um

why would they give it to you for free


you may you might want to think about

that one



they eventually cut it i think it was 10

eventually and that put a lot of people

out of business uh social media was

their main form of reaching people uh

i’ve to this day i’ve never bought

anything off social media i don’t

understand it you just but they know

human nature they know it

so i was never good at it i tried it i

even i think i even hired a couple

people to try and do it for me and they

were worthless as well

and i just i just wasn’t it just wasn’t

my thing i hated it i didn’t understand

it i don’t i didn’t want to waste my

time on it i did my best but i was

getting my ass kicked left and right by

charlatans in the health world making

all kinds of claims that was

before it actually senses your stuff too

so people would say some pretty

outrageous stuff


oh i can get you to lose weight in 50

pounds in 10 seconds just watch here’s a

picture of what i ate for breakfast

again it was ridiculous i mean it still

is i mean

i i don’t get it


i decided that for me i did better so i

did live events focused on live events

and podcasts were fairly new

in blogs blogs were pretty popular back

then i know blogs that’s how old and

holy this guy’s a dinosaur yeah

blogs were a big deal uh 10 years ago

and if you had a business you had a blog

so it was content driven so i did a blog

and did interviews for people who had

bloggers they were called bloggers and

vloggers if it was video

again i don’t know and uh

so that’s what i got into so i i built

interviews i was on other people’s shows

well even then i’d sold my house i was

unlimited i did couldn’t afford freaking

internet i was poor

and uh fast high speed internet couldn’t

afford it so i was running off my phone

uh which didn’t work real well back then

in a hot spot which i eventually bought

later on a verizon hotspot

which worked great in the beginning

because no one was using them then

everyone figured out and they sucked and

i just got rid of my not too long and it

still sucked most of the time


well and people jumping online you know

covet all that

but yeah so i i did interviews that’s

what i did and it was my strength i did

i mean probably thousands of interviews

as a criminal investigator either

sitting in on uh

joint investigations being with someone

else doing their investigation doing my

own investigations

i had a lot of experience with

interviews of course they were either

target interviews subject interviews

information you know uh but a lot of the

same principles apply because you’re

asking someone you don’t know questions

a lot of times and it’s much easier if

you know them obviously but if you can

do get good at

asking people and interviewing people

you don’t know

you’re going to be really good

being interviewed too probably yeah it

just they kind of go hand in hand so i

kind of had a jump start on that




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