How To Start Your Journey to The Simple Life Today

As I mention in most of my books, The Simple Life teaches you to make the most of your life by having less, being more, and making a difference in the world. But it starts with being real about the difference between theory and reality. You see, I have a simple philosophy when it comes to teaching and helping people. You start by getting your own shit together. Then, you start helping others. If you think this is just common sense, look at where people go for personal advice these days. Case in point, I’m amazed at how many people try to get healthy by listening to people who are unhealthy. 

I call this the “Oprah Winfrey Effect.”

Haven’t you noticed how millions and millions of people buy Oprah Winfrey’s health and diet products? Oprah is a billionaire. She can afford to buy the healthiest foods, hire personal trainers, and go to the best doctors in the world. Still, she continually struggles with her weight and her health. Why in the world would you get your health advice from someone like that? 

Sure, Oprah could teach you a lot about starting your own media empire. She did a great job there. But why go to her for health advice? Yes, I know what some of you are saying…

“Gary is fat-shaming Oprah, and everyone who is struggling with their health!” 

If you honestly think this way, you need to stop and “toughen up buttercup!” I’m not here to blow sunshine up your ass. Besides, if you want something to get outraged about, I challenge you to investigate the False Prophets in this industry and join me in calling them out. Just a thought. 

The second part of my philosophy is just as simple as the first… 
If you want to help people by teaching them, you should have what I call a “butt in the seat and time in the salt mines” experience. This is my common sense take on knowledge and experience, as it relates to teaching others. There is nothing wrong with young, ambitious people who want to be motivators. But you have to have real life experience to become an expert. Otherwise, what is your true motivation for helping people? 

This is also why I firmly believe no one should write a self-help book while in their 20’s. No matter what they have gone through. I went through some pretty devastating times when I was that age. I’m sure you did too. So have most people I know. But at no point back then did I think I had the knowledge and experience to guide people on some of their most critical life choices. Why should someone who hasn’t really lived their life be telling you how to live yours?

The third and final part of my philosophy is the simplest of all. Still, it’s the one that’s hardest for some people to deal with…

I’m a real person. I’m blunt. I swear. I’m sarcastic. I go off on tangents. Sometimes I say things that are outrageous. Most importantly, I tell you what you need to hear. Not what you want to hear. I don’t do this to shock people into buying my books either. This is just who I am. 

You see, I have a saying when it comes to how I teach The Simple Life philosophy:

“If you are looking to chase butterflies, ride unicorns, and pet bunny rabbits, this is probably NOT the place for you.”

So, if you’re what I call a “Self-Help Tourist…” or if you have soft, squishy feelings or if you’re an “injustice collector” who prowls around looking for things to get offended and to tweet about, my Simple Life philosophy is not for you… or maybe it is just what you need!

If you’re sick, sick, sick of snake oil and phony self-help theories, you and I will get along. If you’re ready to find out how to balance your health, your money, and your life without cramming your life into some stupid self-help system, I have the perfect book to introduce you to The Simple Life philosophy and get you on the right track… today and right now!

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