How to Find Your Financial Freedom

Today’s bookshelves are collapsing from the tons of financial self-help books. These books promise to make you a millionaire if you’ll just buy an overpriced course (from someone you’ve never heard of) or invest in a get rich scheme. Others promise to turn you into a master investor, making $50,000 a week, even if you have no experience and zero money to invest. These are just a few promises, and I’m sure you’ve seen your share of them. 

Almost all these authors make outrageous claims about how they ”made it.” But a little digging reveals that they are in the same boat as most Americans – in debt up to their ears, barely getting by, probably full of fear and anxiety about the future. In many cases, the ONLY difference between you and them, is that they’re trying to escape their financial problems by selling you a bunch of crap they have never used, and which they probably reprinted from some broke blogger or YouTube warrior.

I’m a contrarian in this area; I make no guarantees of riches. But if you follow what I outline in The Simple Life philosophy, I can say the probability of you having more financial freedom will greatly increase. Those of you who follow me and buy my products know that I never discuss or write about things unless I have first-hand experience with them. Matter of fact, I take great pride in that practice.

So, am I a financial expert? It depends on your definition of ”expert.” I will say after decades of managing my own finances, owning businesses and doing almost all of my own investing, that my knowledge is better than most financial “experts” around today. I also have a unique philosophy on how the everyday person can obtain financial freedom. This is because I don’t just focus on finances. I focus on lifestyle choices. 

How do the expectations of our society, including all its clichés about happiness and fulfillment influence your financial decisions?

How many experts in the mainstream financial services industry will ask you that question? And how important is this question to your total financial freedom? I won’t candy coat it. I discuss some things that will make you uncomfortable. That is the kicker. Positive change requires growth, and growth always involves discomfort and sometimes even pain. If you want the easy button, and prefer the soft spongy corners in life, what I teach in The Simple Life is not for you. 

So what does “financial freedom” really mean to you? Let’s forget today’s self-absorbed ambitions about being filthy rich and flying around in a private jet. I have a different take. To me, financial freedom is being able to live the life you want, without the typical worries, hassles, and constraints plaguing most people today. 

To me, money simply equals FREEDOM! And the more money you have, the more potential for freedom you have; the more freedom you have, the less money it takes to maintain that freedom. If this sounds like a financial philosophy you can embrace, you’ll be glad we found each other. 

For now, I want to invite you to start thinking about money in a totally different way than you have been taught. My guess is, as we explore this new philosophy together, you’ll slowly start to realize that you and I are a lot alike in our attitude about money, freedom, and life.

It is no secret that most American’s are miserable; stuck in the daily meat grinder of a long (and getting longer) workweek and wearing themselves out on the hamster wheel of consumption. They are like cogs in the wheel of a brutal machine; a machine that literally runs off of the energy you and I invest into trying to achieve freedom and independence. I call this machine “The Grid.” 

Most people in America are living as mere components of The Grid. Most of the work they invest into building up their own life is used to fuel this machine, and those who control it. But like any other machine, The Grid is governed by a basic set of rules. Those who understand these rules control the machinery of The Grid and benefit from the energy put forth by hard-working people like you and I. In other words, they leverage the rules of The Grid to prosper at OUR expense. 

The ONLY way to escape this is to understand the rules of The Grid, and to turn them to our advantage.

There flat out has to be a better way. One that makes sense. Now, I’m no bizzillionaire. I don’t sail around in a “look at the size of my penis” yacht. I have no house in the Hamptons. Matter of fact, that lifestyle stresses me out. But, based on the interest people have shown in the simple way I live and how I’m doing it, I figure I must be doing something right.

Not to besmirch people who want to be filthy rich. But why should that be your primary goal? Having a “yacht-load” of money doesn’t necessarily mean ultimate happiness. For me, it is about freedom and living the life you want to live. How much money does that take? It could be as simple as being debt free, or living a simpler life in a more laid back setting.

The Simple Life Financial Freedom philosophy focuses on the assumptions about what will bring you happiness, and how those assumptions are actually making you broke. In fact, many of these assumptions are designed to leverage the rules of The Grid against us. 

In my book The Simple Life Guide to Financial Freedom we take a tour through the life of today’s average citizen. I show you how every decision of your life, from childhood to adulthood, contributes to your financial success, or ruin. I think you’ll be surprised to see how decisions and events, which seem irrelevant to your financial success actually make a world of difference. 

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a clearer picture of how you became “Gridlocked” in the first place, and how you can start turning it around today.

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