Do You Have High Cholesterol? The Dangers Of Taking Statins

Do You Have High Cholesterol? The Dangers Of Taking Statins

I am a regular on The Survival Podcast as an expert on health, finance, and life simplification. Below is the transcript of my answer to a listener question on whether or not statins are bad.

Listener Question

A couple of years ago my doctor prescribed statins just as a preventative medication even though I am a healthy individual.  Could you go into detail on why statins are a bad thing and why doctors are not only prescribing them for healthy people but are also saying “I wish someone would have told me to start taking this when I was your age”?

Gary Answers

Hey everyone. With our recent discussions about cholesterol, another question about statins has come up. I have gotten quite a few people asking me about statins over the years.

I’ve actually had friends take them and have had long discussions about it and the dangers of statins, and why doctors seem to be prescribing them to even healthy people.

The simple answer is, in order to sell a product and sell a lot of it, the pharmaceutical industry has figured out you create a problem that really doesn’t exist. What they did is, through many lobbying groups, they were able to lower and have doctors say that a total cholesterol reading of 200 or above was technically high. Then you would need to take a statin.

I know this all too well. My total cholesterol has been anywhere from 190 to 200 for the last 15 years. I’m totally healthy. I don’t have any issues. I have had more than one doctor try and put me on statins.

Another reason is, doctors are no longer taught nutrition and how to diagnose and treat conditions. They’re only taught how to prescribe a drug for either a condition or symptom. That’s it. I’m dead serious ‑‑ doctors no longer understand human physiology and how it reacts to nutrition, environment, and stress.

They’re getting better. It’s been sinking in. Also, you must remember medical schools today and almost all of their research is funded by the drug companies, and a lot by junk food companies like Coca‑Cola, Pepsi. I kid you not.

It’s pretty insane when something like Nestle (the candy company) is the main contributor to a study concluding that sugar does not have a negative impact on your health. I kid you not.

With that, statins, there have been numerous studies and there is no scientific data that shows that statins actually lower the risks for heart attacks. Period. There’s just no statistical evidence.

But, statins do have negative health consequences. Primarily ‑‑ and this is what I saw in one of my friends especially ‑‑ was memory loss, achy joints and wasting of muscle.

I watched over the first six months, his muscle mass just deteriorate. He wasn’t taking a very high dose. In addition, statins inhibit an enzyme in your liver that produces cholesterol and this is the same enzyme that produces CoQ10.

CoQ10, as you guys have heard, is a very popular supplement, and the reason why is because a lot of people are on stains. CoQ10 is used as an energy production by every cell in your body. Also, it’s a very strong antioxidant.

Remember, antioxidants are a counter‑measure for inflammation and chronic inflammation. With that ‑‑ and remember, I’ve talked about how cholesterol is essential ‑‑ without cholesterol we would not be able to live. An elevated cholesterol level could mean several things.

It could mean inflammation, an injury, going through the healing process. It could be if you’re an endurance athlete and you went on a long, prolonged endurance training session the day before, so it’s always good to get multiple readings. If your total cholesterol is not over 300, there is no reason for statins. Statins should be an absolute last resort.

I hope that helps. Remember guys, prescription drugs are always a last resort, not a first resort. Look for the natural remedy first, and changing lifestyle, nutrition, and adding exercise.

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