Off The Grid Project – Using Green Building Materials With Concrete

Here is Episode 13 of “Gary’s Off The Grid Project.”

Using green building products for off the grid construction is definitely a great way to go. I’m learning a lot of new information when it comes to building remotely. Yes, I have had two other houses built in the past from scratch, but I will admit this is an entirely different process. In this video I show you more about the Faswall recycled brick product, and the process of filling the cells with concrete.

Written Transcript Below:

Gary Collins:  All right. We got the pump truck up and luckily the concrete truck made it, no problem. Amazingly, it’s actually been up here before. We didn’t have to tow it, so hopefully we’ll only have to tow the pump truck up here on the next round. What we’re doing is as I showed you, that Faswall brick is a lot like cinder brick. It’s got two hollow areas in it. Stacks very similar, but it’s definitely different.

What you have to do once you get the…this is the first floor of the structure. We’re pouring the cement in now and we’re filling up each cell of the brick. This is what gives the actual structure all of its strength because there’s rebar in there.  The concrete will solidify everything, then we’ll build upon this and that will be the second floor and then we’ll come back and we’ll fill the rest of the cells of the second floor, which will meet with the first floor.

Primal Power Method Off The Grid Project Building With Green Materials

The reason we do this is if you were to pour the concrete all the way down through the second floor with those empty cells, it’s a lot of weight and you could actually blowout one of the bricks at the bottom and then you’ve got a disaster on your hands. That’s why we’re doing it this way, doing it in phases to make sure that we don’t have any issues and blowouts of concrete flying out and ends up inside on the floor and everywhere else.

That would be a disaster. I just wanted to give you guys an idea of how the structure’s coming along and you can see the progress is moving fairly quickly. We’re only about, probably, four weeks now. Maybe not even four weeks of total construction and you can see the structure is coming along very nicely. Make sure to subscribe. Hit the subscribe button and get updates and get more videos on “Gary’s Off The Grid Project”…

Update! I have terminated the general contractor involved in initial building of the house for multiple ethical issues, and substandard construction. Due to this fact, I cannot and will not recommend this contractor for any type of construction or building project.


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