Are Exogenous Ketones A Scam?

Are Exogenous Ketones A Scam?

I am a regular on The Survival Podcast as an expert on health, finance, and life simplification. Below is the transcript of my answer to a listener question on whether or not the whole Exogenous Ketones is a scam.

Listener Question

Can you tell me more about exogenous ketones. I have heard lots of people take this supplement to get their bodies into Ketosis within 1-2 hours, where eating high protein and fat without carbs could take up to 3 days to get into ketosis. Is this a gimmick?

Bob from Chicago

Gary’s Answer

Today, we have a question about exogenous ketones, the supplement, which I have heard [laughs] of. It’s been a while. Actually, I had tossed this thing aside quite a while ago. As with most supplements that claim miraculous effects, I usually just toss it right out.

The first thing I did is I had to go look back at this product and see who’s selling it. This is what I always do, and this is what I recommend to people anytime you have a question. Especially something like this, it’s like 120 to 130 bucks a bottle.

That’s just outrageous. Most of the companies selling this product is MLM, multi‑level marketing companies.

Anyone who’s listened to any of my stuff knows I do not support those companies in any form whatsoever. They’re a pyramid scheme. They had to change their name. It’s a marketing technique that puts basically the seller as the buyer, and then they push it on their friends and family.

It’s a total BS marketing scheme. I never, ever recommend products from these companies. I don’t care what the product is, especially supplements.

It’s guaranteed to be, at the very best, a mediocre to poor supplement with an outrageous markup because there are multi tiers in a multi‑level marketing scheme and everyone’s got to get their cut along the way.

The only people who ever make money are the people who create these multi‑level marketing schemes. There you go on that, there’s Gary’s get on a soapbox about that.

Now, the science behind it. Basically, what this product is, exogenous ketones, it’s ingesting the ketones and trying to force your body into ketosis, burning fat instead of your body naturally doing it through the production, the down-regulation of insulin and glycogen. Actually, glycogen, you have to utilize your source of glycogen.

It kicks into glucagon, which then kicks into ketone body process being made in your liver. This puts you into a fat-burning mode. This person said that these products are touting that you can get into it in one hour as opposed to three days. Here’s the deal. It’s complete bullshit, I’ll just be honest.

This is false. The only people who benefit from these products are basically highly competitive athletes that use it as a ketone body source to produce more ATP or more energy. It’s not that high of a level, to be honest with you.

Even for an athlete, a high competing athlete, if it gives them this psychological edge, fine.

The physiology behind it is very minimal at best. For anyone trying to lose weight or go into ketosis quicker, no. It doesn’t work that way.

Your body is very smart. It has to go through the hormonal and chemical reactions first. Anytime you’re going to consume that, basically, your body’s going to regulate itself internally to where you’re going to go into ketosis naturally.

What they’ve done with this product, what it will do is the test strips that they provide will actually trigger it to say you’re in ketosis when you’re actually not. It’s bogus science. Don’t fall for it. Don’t spend the money. Complete waste of time.

As with anything that I always say, “If it sounds too good to be true and it’s going to make you skinny overnight, don’t buy it. Don’t even waste your time.”

Well, I hope that helps. Remember, guys, my company is in the MSB Members site. You get 10 percent off your entire order if you use the coupon code there that I have in there. Again, guys, check out my new book, Going Off The Grid. Thanks a lot.

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2 thoughts on “Are Exogenous Ketones A Scam?”

  1. I agree with you about exogenous ketones, and would love to share this with scammers, but your warped view of multi level marketing prevents me from being able to use it as a resource. Too bad. And just for your information – pyramid schemes are illegal. Multi level marketing is not a pyramid – people you sign up can make more than you – try doing that in a corporation – does the secretary ever make more than the CEO? And I agree some of them peddle crap, but people have to be responsible and do their research. I am with a company that has the highest quality supplements available on the market – and they helped my body get the nutrients it needs and so far I have lost 176 pounds. And I’m 55 years old. Think about it – every single business is a “pyramid”. Does the account manager make as much as the CEO? Anyway… Have a great day.

    1. Well at least we agree on one thing, and congrats on the weight loss! Now I don’t think you took a look at my background before you posted your comment. I was a former criminal investigator for the US Dept of Health and Human Services and Food and Drug Administration, not to mention I have taught criminal investigations at the college level. Needless to say, I’m well aware that pyramid schemes are illegal. Not to mention I have run health food companies and have been in the realm of sports, health and wellness for over four decades. May I ask what is your expertise in any of these areas may be? Do you have any education in health, nutrition, supplementation, degrees or certificates? I would guess not!

      If you dig into the history of the MLM format the name was changed to this because pyramid schemes are illegal, thus making a legal grey area. Less than 1% of people who enter into a MLM marketing schemes make a dime! Your analogy of comparing an MLM to an actual legitimate business structure is pretty ludicrous to say the least. But I guess that is how people in MLMs rationalize what they do so they can sleep at night.

      I have been approached by hundreds of multi level marketing associates over the years, or whatever you call yourselves these day, and it is always the tired story “our products are the best in the industry” which is bs taught to you by the dirt bags running the MLM. Let me guess you drive a Mercedes, work only a couple hours a week and have more freedom than you ever imagined. Trust me I have heard that line so many times it drives me nuts. Especially after I follow the supposed rich MLMr without them knowing to see their car which is always some beat up peace of crap with their stupid MLM company sticker on their back window.

      Every business is not a pyramid, if the MLM structure was so good and not so shady every company would be using it. Any company with an decent level of morality would never use that model, as it would tarnish their reputation forever. If your goal in life is to pitch some scummy product to everyone you run into, your brother, sister, third uncle, bum on the street your cat – have at it. Not for me, I would rather build my business through my own hard work for the long term, and sleep like a baby at night.

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