Ep 91: Entitlement Nation – Give Me My Free Sh*t

Well, if there has been one main thing burning my ass over the last decade, it would be how many people today think they are entitled to a life of joy, happiness, and abundance. Yes, you have access to these as a free person in this country, but it is not a right. It is a privilege, and you need to earn it. A life of freedom is not free! Thinking you can sit on your ass and just get free shit is not only a bad idea, I think it shows the lack of a moral compass. 

In the end, where do people think all the free goodies come from? The free shit fairy? 

In this episode, I will use this crazy thing again… basic math to prove my points. Yep, this may be a bit of a “Gary Rant” but it must be done, or I may have to go running in the woods naked screaming like a banshee! Ok, I may do that from time to time for fun, but not because my head is about to explode, due to drowning in a world of stupidity!

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Topics Discussed: 

* How if you are making minimum wage you are rich and a family can make six figures a year

* A story of how prolonged unemployment makes you lazy

* Why you are not entitled to anything so stop acting like you are

* Why free shit is not free

* A college story of not being poor and being on food stamps

* Why using unemployment benefits as a way to make more money and not work is not a good idea

* Why working hard and doing the right thing is a better way to live your life

* How you are paying for all that stuff you think is free 

* Why that thing called critical thinking will make you realize life is about goals and working towards those goals instead of taking the easy road

* How and why inflation is going to be passed on to the consumer

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