Ep 95: Dealing With Burnout and Where I’m Going From Here

Well, some things have been going on personally, in America, and with my business, and I have definitely hit a stage of burnout because of this. Just because I live a simpler life than most doesn’t mean I’m immune to what everyone else experiences. I’m a type A, and a critical/analytical thinker, so I can go down some dark roads at times as well. I always try to stay positive, but some recent events have made me take a deep look at how I want to spend my remaining years on this planet. In this episode, I delve into my thought process and inform everyone on where The Simple Life brand and I are going.

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Topics Discussed: 

* I explain how I have arrived at this “burnout stage in life.”

* I haven’t lost hope, but I think we are going to experience a rough ride in the future

* Why I feel I’m no longer chasing dreams, but chasing time

* Dealing with chronic pain for 25 plus years has taken its toll

* What will be the direction of The Simple Life brand from here on out

* Why I will consider myself somewhat retired as an entrepreneur

* How I think we have reached critical mass with our health in America

* How and why we are destroying the last place of true freedom

* And the usual random thoughts of society, my life, and the future

Episode Resources:

* Episode 67 The Three-Legged Stool of The Simple Life https://thesimplelifenow.com/e67/

* Episode 72 The Five Principles of The Simple Life https://thesimplelifenow.com/e72/

* The Simple Life Website: https://thesimplelifenow.com 

*Make sure to signup and be a member of The Simple Life Insider’s Circle at: https://thesimplelifenow.com/the-simple-life/

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4 thoughts on “Ep 95: Dealing With Burnout and Where I’m Going From Here”

  1. Agree w/ Don’s comments above: I also found your site about 3 months ago (from your AoM interview) and your podcast quickly became a favorite, along with reading every one of your books that my library offers with Hoopla. Your material is irreplaceable and would be missed, but what you said about chasing time also resonates and is understandable. One last thought: Averaging 1 podcast per week seems like a lot for 1 person. Many podcasters who do this have unpaid spouses and friends doing a large chunk of admin work. Maybe 1 podcast per month would be more enjoyable, more of a fun hobby, than churning out 1 per week? Whatever you decide, thanks for your work and all the best.

    1. Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback! For the most part, nothing will change from the podcast listener and customer perspective. I’m just not going to be working on any new products or projects in the near future. I have some other things I would like to pursue. And of course, I will share this on the podcast and it will still be weekly.

  2. Gary,
    All the best to you and your future, personal endeavors!
    I completely understand and feel your mental wall with exploring the next chapter in life!
    At the end of the day, do what’s going to resonate with your heart and soul.
    I discovered your website about 3 months ago but have listened to many of the podcasts. I appreciate your outlook and perspective, and I’m very much a simple, “omnivert” like yourself even though I have a couple of young kids that keep my wife and I on our toes.
    Good luck and stay “your” course!

    1. Hey Don,

      Thanks for reaching out and sharing your thoughts. As you have probably learned, I don’t mince words, I always let people know how I feel. Unfortunately, our country has changed so drastically over the last couple of years I no longer recognize it. That doesn’t mean I have given up on The Simple Life idea and mission. But I’m also smart enough to know when to pivot and move in a different direction when things around you are changing. Life is about growing and adapting… not being a widget in our widget-in widget-out society of today.

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