Ep 88: The Day and Life of Gary Living Off The Grid

Do you wonder what it is like to live a life off the grid? Do you yearn for such a lifestyle? Well, you are lucky; today, I talk about how I created this lifestyle off the grid and how it is to live it day-to-day. Remember, as I often say, “simple doesn’t mean easy,” so there are many lessons in not only living off the grid in today’s episode, but life as well. So, even if you are not interested in living off the grid, this episode has a lot to offer everyone looking for a simpler and happier life.

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Topics Discussed: 

* How my upbringing influenced the way I live today

* How the term “poor” is often misunderstood in America today

* Why education is the equalizer in society today

* How I decided the “widget in widget out” life just wasn’t for me

* Why hard work is always going to be in the mix so don’t hide from it

* Why you need to adapt to the community you move into in a rural setting not the other way around

* The life event I had while in the government that made me change the way I look at the world

* Why my life is about the pursuit of freedom and happiness

* What my day looks like while living off the grid

* Even if you don’t want to live off the grid The Simple Life has a lot to teach you, and help you pursue the life you desire

Episode Resources:

* The Simple Life Website: https://thesimplelifenow.com 

*Make sure to signup and be a member of The Simple Life Insider’s Circle at: https://thesimplelifenow.com/the-simple-life/

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