Ep 179: Why Everyone Should Lift Weights

Most people today relate weight lifting with body building and looking like the Hulk. Nothing could be further from the truth! What if I was to tell you every able-bodied human should be lifting weights on a regular basis. That is right, you need to be lifting, no matter your sex or age… period. Today, Matt Reynolds of Barbell Logic and I dig into the reasons if you are not incorporating lifting weights/strength training for optimal health, you are doing it wrong.

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Matt Reynolds is the founder & CEO of Barbell Logic Online Coaching https://barbell-logic.com/ & host of the Barbell Logic podcast. At Barbell Logic our primary focus is on simple, hard, effective strength training to improve quality-of-life. We’re not your typical fitness influencer focused on taking pics of ourselves and posting them on IG. 

Rather, we’ve forged a culture of “voluntary hardship” among our clients, and we believe this culture has a tremendous refining impact on their lives. Certainly strength training isn’t the only way to refine oneself through voluntary hardship, but we do believe it’s one of the most general, most efficient, and works well for nearly everyone. 

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1 thought on “Ep 179: Why Everyone Should Lift Weights”

  1. Another high-quality episode! Lifting weights keeps me in shape year around for when I go hiking and I never tire out. The book Sit Up Straight favors free weights over gym machines on page 67: “When you lift free weights, your stabilizer muscles need to pitch in to help your prime movers. Exercise machines remove the need for stabilizers to kick in because the machine offers support. If you use machines all the time, your main muscles will grow bigger and stronger, but your stabilizers won’t keep up, potentially leading to spasms, pulls, and other injuries.” Yet another reason for listeners to sign up with your guest to get coaching on just how to do that right from home.

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