Ep 176: How to Organize Your Life

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The National Association of Professional Organizers did a large study that showed that in the United States, 54% of Americans feel overwhelmed by clutter and that 78% have no clue what to do with all their junk.

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Having a cluttered home and a disorganized lifestyle impacts your mental health, physical well-being, and drains your finances.

It will amaze you the stories I’ve heard from people who lived messy, disorganized lives who changed completely for the better because they built better habits and easier methods of handling and figuring out what to do with their personal belongings.

I cannot stress this enough, as someone that lived the 9-5 rat race lifestyle and was a slave to material things, I understand completely what it is like to feel like your stuff owns you.

You don’t have to struggle though, you can organize more than just your things, you can organize your life.

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