Ep 175: How to Maximize Your Freedom with Less

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Yes, we live in a crazy world today, but are we self-inflicting a lot of our own pain? I would say 100% yes! I always say: “focus on the things you can change and ignore the rest.” But a lot of people today don’t know what to truly focus on to make their life simpler and better. 

Instead of focusing on what is really important in our life, we focus on the periphery that, in most cases, has nothing to do with us. We get sucked into the vortex of more is better, more noise and people complaining, another pair of shoes, another nic-nac, another car we can’t afford… it just goes on and on and on.

So what is the answer? Today I will dig into how to gain freedom by eliminating the things that are not important. Remember, we are only here for a limited time, so make the best of it.

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Topics Discussed:

* My simple yet effective morning routine to decompress.

* Are you less free or only more confined by your voluntary behavior.

* How to be truly free in a world of chaos and strife.

* How to focus on the things that are important and ignore the rest.

* Why decluttering your mind is the key to sanity and freedom.

* A simple way to get started.

* Why most people have no clue what individual freedom truly is.

* What is free will and why there seems to be a war against it.

* Being a contrarian – when everyone is zigging you zag.

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