Ep 172: Gun Control – 18 and Life to Go

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In the words of that great hairband, Whitesnake, “Here we go again.” When it comes to The 2nd Amendment and gun control, well, it is a bit polarizing to say the least. Most, may not know this, but I have been around firearms since age 7 to include 20 years in the military and law enforcement. Before some of you call me a racist and gun-toting redneck, hold on a second, you may be a little surprised by my position on the subject.

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I firmly believe, we need to have a rational conversation on the subject that makes sense to most. You can never satisfy everyone, so “most” is the closest you are going to get on any subject, let alone gun control. 

Today, I give you my common-sense solution to the problem that I think most could understand and get behind. I’m tired of insider trading politicians and purple-haired nut jobs telling the rest of us how it should be. Interestingly, the people who have the least experience on the subject seem to scream the loudest.

So let’s cut the noise and get down to the facts that make sense to the people who actually live in reality. I know a crazy idea these days, but I think it is important, as we will never solve the problem by two sides pushing extreme views on the subject.

Topics Discussed:

* A little perspective from me having over 4 decades of experience with firearms.

* What is the gun debate really about?

* Will banning guns lower violence rates?

* Why we have a mental illness and family breakdown problem in this country.

* Just because you are 18 and the military doesn’t mean you have 24 hour access to weapons.

* Why those the most responsible for your freedom and safety have by far the most training with firearms.

* Would the world end if an 18 year old had to wait a couple years to purchase a few select firearms.

* Why 9mm round doesn’t blow your lungs out – stupid people say stupid things.

* Whether you like it or not the 2nd Amendment protects you against a tyrannical government, just read some history.

* Why I believe firearms training for everyone is important.

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