Ep 170: Beautiful Truck No Gas

Today, I bring back to the show oil expert Bill Herrick to bring us up to date on why gas prices are so damn high, and going higher! Bill will also tell us where gas prices are expected to go in the near and not so near future. Is there hope for $2.50 a gallon gas again? What can we do about these high prices, and should you start looking for a really cool ten-speed bike to get your ass to work!

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We are hearing a lot about what is causing sky-high oil and gas prices; Putin, Covid, your cat… but what is really the truth? Politicians and media pundits have gone from Covid experts to oil experts. Hey, just go out and buy a $60,000 (that is a cheap one) electric car, they say. They are full of a lot of things, but mainly bullsh*t! Today, I do this crazy thing and bring on an actual expert in the oil and gas industry, as in he actually works in it. I know a foreign concept these days. We get to the bottom of the high price of oil and gas today, exploration, production, and dispel all the false information being floated around by people who don’t know their head from you know what.  

Topics Discussed:

* Why does gas cost so damn much!

* Who is to blame for high gas prices?

* Why this administration is making the problem worse instead of better.

* Why the midterms elections will not fix this problem.

* Where are gas prices going in the near future?

* How you should be preparing for increased inflation?

* Why inflation numbers are much higher than you think.

* Why some parts of country are going to experience brown and black outs this summer.

* Why the cost of energy controls many things you do in life.

* Why does diesel cost so much more than regular gas today.

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