Ep 169: How To Gather Intel for Important Life Decisions

Today, I will share with you the methods to make better and more informed decisions in life. I guarantee the simplicity in the process will amaze you.

I often get asked how in the world I’m able to make difficult decisions to guide my life in the right direction. Trust me, I’m no genius or have super Simple Life powers to help me accomplish this. The most critical element in order to help guide me in my life is gathering and processing information. Most importantly, by not doing it with Google searches or the internet, but with real-life experiences on a daily basis.

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I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine, and told him how I had gathered a bunch of life intelligence during my day before we met for lunch. A funny look came over his face, and he said you need to share that. He said, “most people just don’t think that way”. I had no idea it was a unique way to gather information, so yes, I realized I needed to do an episode on it. I sometimes forget being a former criminal investigator, I look at and gather information differently than most people, well, because it was my job, and I did it for a long time. The best way to put it, is these traits are ingrained in me, and most of the time, I don’t even know I’m doing it. 

Topics Discussed:

* Why all the information you need to make better life decisions is right in front of you.

* How to get information from people without them even knowing what you are doing.

* How everyday life is loaded with information to make your life better, you just need to know where to look.

* How to ask the right questions to get the answers you are looking for.

* Why you should always have situational awareness.

* Where you should not be getting your information from.

* How to take this information and apply it to your life.

* Why interactions with real people is key.

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Transcripts :

hey everyone welcome to another episode

of the simple life with me gary collins

creator of thesimplelifenow.com make

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on the topic i write about a multitude

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this is an interesting episode i

actually had to do a

i wasn’t planning to record it right now

or at all to be honest with you this

episode is an accident and those are

kind of the best ones that

you have to remember

i forget

my processes and the things i do i my

life is concerning

big time and i never realized it this

company came from people telling me we

want to know what you’re doing we’re

interested in what you’re doing i was a

health guy teaching primal and paleo

health and training people you know

working one-on-ones and i had an online


that’s what i was doing

and this whole adventure of of

eventually building a house off the grid

and everything people were really

interested in my lifestyle

and it just threw me for a loop because

i just did not see that happening

and i

i’m not a youtube guy in a sense of or i

i’m not an internet guy i do things on

my own i’m a reader i like to read and

ex and i like to experience things i

just need the nuts and bolts of how to

do something and then i’ll figure the

rest out because it’s unique to my life

i you know you there’s there’s no

templates that tell you should not tell

you exactly how to do something for your

life that you just follow you know what

i mean it it has to come naturally

because you’re it’s your life everyone’s

life is different so you need to adjust

but we’re in a society today where

everyone wants the easy button right the

simple button just tell me what to do

well it doesn’t matter

most the time they never do it anyway


before that you have to be flexible and

be able to learn and fail

the reason i come up with these things

is because i did them on my own i and i

didn’t even know this one today

shocked me i had no idea i no clue i was

going to be doing an episode about this

but i often get asked about my life

and how i kind of come to these


and people have been listening to me and

following me for a long time no i’m a

very analytical guy i really look at


differently in a sense and i’m not

special i’m not a genius trust me i’m no

elon musk i’m not

i didn’t come from long generations of

smart people you know i just work hard

and i learn i’m always ask i ask


asking good questions to people who have

the knowledge

will get you pretty far ahead in life

and with that i’ve had a lot of people

coming to me young people which is


coming to me and doing the consulting

sessions to get them on track they’re

paying money these kids aren’t rich

they’re coming in and they’re paying the

money for my consulting sessions because

i’ve had them tell me go you’re

leapfrogging me ahead in life well

that’s the whole point of teaching

younger people is you want them to do

better than you that’s why i do this i

want younger people not to make the

mistakes i made they’re gonna have to

make their own mistakes don’t get me



the whole point of of life is to do

better the next generation does better

the next generation does better and

we’re kind of at this regression point

where we’re doing worse i think

uh to me so how do we fix this how do we

correct this and that’s what the simple

life’s all about this is why i created

this company

is to give people and relay information

from someone who just went out and did

it that’s me i’ve screwed up a million

times i’m gonna continue to screw up i

just fix it i recorrect i get back on

path dust myself off maybe cry a little

bit whine but i get back to it i don’t

blame everyone else around me i just get

it done that’s my attitude just gotta

get it done


so with that a good friend of mine miles

wacom he’s been on this show many times

uh he does uh his own podcast uh oh gosh

i’m gonna blow it

what is it unconstrained right

make sure to go check it out it’s in the

show going he’s going to be on again

because we have lunch once a month

usually he lives not too far from me and

we meet up

and eat lunch in tucson

about once a month or whenever we can

and we have these long they’re they’re

marathons we we usually our lunches are

at least they’re three four hours the

waitress or waiters are just like what

are you guys doing and we just talk


we just we’re

we’re similar but different so we’re

always pinging each other we’re talking

about things what we’re doing what we’re

doing in our businesses because go back

uh miles has been a millionaire three

times he’s lost it got it lost it got it

lost it got it again

and he’s at the uh

a point in life where he’s reaping the

benefits from all of his hard work and

that some of the the really good

decisions he made and that’s what he

gets asked and we were talking about

that because i you know i jump in and i

i i got there early as far as to tucson

i had things to do

but there was places i was going

that fit into

my questions

because today with i get this asked a

lot too where do you think the economy

is going that’s why i do that economic

updates make sure to go check those out

i got a ton of feedback from the last

one with rob kendall and uh the housing


we dug in and i

again i’ve been in real estate 25 years

i’ve been doing this a long time i’ve

made good money on the side with real

estate i don’t do this professionally as

a career i i dabble in it as a side

career because i i realized early on a

little side note that real estate wasn’t

for me full-time i got offered a ton of

jobs to be a real estate agent because i

had my license

uh people wanted me to work for him i

even kind of offered you know to go into

brokerage firms i said no it’s just it’s

not for me i’m a very weird guy i can’t

groundhog day i can’t do stuff that

i just don’t enjoy so i do real estate

my way it’s about my projects building


building them to keep but to sell and

that’s how i always look at it i’m

always looking for opportunities but

most of my money has been made on

properties that i live in

um inland

i’ve done some land and that’s that’s

tricky i created a whole process on my

own i’ve been doing this a long time

because i’ve been asked oh well just

tell me the book you read and i’m all

dude no it’s 25 years of experience i do

this totally differently than anyone

else i have a totally different process

of how i find land it’s in the off-grid

books it’s in the course so make sure

you can go buy the course off grid

course you get my house plans for god’s

sakes give you the house plans in there

it’s worth a shitload of money because

they’re not off the shelf plants those

are custom-built plants



as we were talking i told them

what my stops and what i’d done


and i analyze i’m always looking at

things around me and this is part of

being a former investigator

we are trained to be observant all the

time we’re on all the time especially

doing protection i did protection

personal protection for over 10 years


i i’m just wired and trained it’s all

ingrained in me these aspects that at

the time i didn’t think they had any

life potential you know i didn’t think

they had any crossover it was my job as

a federal agent doing protective details

of criminal investigations well what you

do if you’re good don’t give me a lot of

shitty ones out there today but

the good ones what we do is we learn

because i learned from elders and i

learned from people who had done the job

a long time and were good at it

it’s about as i always say organization

a one but being able to

look at

and analyze information that’s what an

investigator is you that’s what you do

you look at everything around you you

ask the proper questions you put it

together and you come up with a


now it may not be a rock-solid

conclusion at times but it’ll give you

an idea and then you go from there it’s

always this building investigations are

are based upon building information

getting more information to get to where

you need to go either this is a crime or

it’s not this person’s you know you

don’t determine guilt or innocence

that’s for a prosecutor do all you do is

process and give them the information




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  1. Right now, I’ve been listening to farmers too. High fuel costs, fertilizer restrictions in multiple countries, electric tractors being pushed… things are not looking up for the food supply. Maybe you could have a farmer and/or a food pantry supply guest on the show?

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