Ep 166: Ask Gary Anything (Round 17)

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Gary Anything.” This is where you, the audience, get to send in your questions about anything, and I will answer them. That is right, you heard it… anything, because that is how I roll! On a fairly regular basis I pick questions sent to me from my ever growing list, and answer them on this podcast.  

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If you want to have your question(s) considered, simply fill out the contact form on my website www.thesimplelifenow.com, or better yet become a member of “The Simple Life Insider’s Circle” link is at the bottom of the show notes. Today, we have some great questions:

1. (Janice T) What are your thoughts on supplemental collagen?

2. (Adam F) What is the mountain bike that you recommend?

3. (Rod) What are your thoughts on the economy?

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2 thoughts on “Ep 166: Ask Gary Anything (Round 17)”

  1. Love the show thought you were coming to belton Texas?

    Have you done a deep dive on the spinal cord injury and how the medial field foolishly address it? I have a herniated disc L5S1 for a few years and orthopedic surgeons are trigger happy to do surgeries here but not in California and Oregon apparently. It’s seems like the medical system is failing us in the US on some things and you don’t realize it until in the trenches.

    Also interesting video on the collapsing housing industry for the everyday American especially the part on small dollar mortgages.
    Kind regards Paul


    1. Avatar photo

      Hey Paul,

      I was going to go to Belton, but my schedule just got too hectic.

      Not to mention spinal fusion has a 75% failure rate, but some of it has to do with the poor health of the individuals getting spinal fusion. I agree bulging discs can be fixed by numerous non-surgical methods. I always tell people if it is a bulging disc you need to figure out ways to decompress. I’m with you I don’t think all herniated disc injuries require surgery, but that doesn’t make the medical industrial complex rich. My back injury was so bad, that I really had no option but I still took two years to make sure, and a lot of research before I finally had fusion.

      Thanks, people really seem to enjoy that episode, I tried my best to explain how the American Dream is a disaster for most. They hide so many of the costs associated with purchasing a house it is disgusting. But if you can pay cash or at least do a 15-year loan with 20% down that puts the odds back in your favor. Very rarely do people purchase homes this way.

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