Ep 164: Ask Gary Anything (Round 16)

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Gary Anything.” This is where you, the audience, get to send in your questions about anything, and I will answer them. That is right, you heard it… anything, because that is how I roll! On a fairly regular basis I pick questions sent to me from my ever growing list, and answer them on this podcast. 

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If you want to have your question(s) considered, simply fill out the contact form on my website www.thesimplelifenow.com, or better yet become a member of “The Simple Life Insider’s Circle” link is at the bottom of the show notes. Today, we have some great questions:

1. (John S) Last year, my employer imposed the vax mandate for all employees unless either a medical or religious exemption were granted. This didn’t sit well with me, and I refused not only the vax but also to submit to any exemption request. As the initial deadline (Dec 8th) approached, we were told that employees that refused the vax without an exemption would be considered “self-terminated”.  The deadline was then shifted to early 2021 as the mandate was challenged in the courts (not by me…just what you may have heard through news/media). Finally, in early 2021, my employer “suspended” the mandate for employees. I subsequently filed an ethics compliant (“anonymously”) against the CEO of my company, although I don’t expect anything to happen as a result.

I’ve been working in my chosen career field for almost 35 years. When I was told that I would be “self-terminated”, my wife and I began to consider “retirement” and proceeded to look for some acreage in another state where we would prefer to live. By the time the mandate was lifted, we were enjoying some weekend travel to see properties that caught our interest. So, our search for property continued even after the mandate was lifted, and we are now under contract to purchase a place we think we’d like to live in retirement. So, we’re now planning to move to our soon-to-be new home.  

I think I’d like to continue to work from home, albeit in a different state, but on the other hand, I’m not happy about what happened with the vax mandate and threat of “self-termination”.  Like many folks, my work has been performed mostly remotely (at home) since early 2020, but my job assignment supports a certain facility/location, which does require occasional on-site presence. Needless to say, my motivation to work is significantly reduced, and I’m finding it difficult to stay productive and engaged on the job. I have not yet discussed this with my employer.

My question for you is “Should I even have a discussion with my employer about working remotely from new home?”…or “Should I just leave and find something else to do with my life?”  I could go either way, but my wife would prefer it if I could somehow keep my job for the near term.

2. (Greg M) What is your recommendation to give water more taste? Im trying to get away from chemical mixes like crystal light and diet soda. What do you suggest?

3. (William) How do I get my wife to go to paleo diet? She’s Allergic to everything.

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Transcripts :

hey everyone welcome to another episode

of the simple life with your host here

gary collins me

and the creator of the simplelifenow.com

be on the lookout i’ve got several

companies i’m starting this year

i like i like the ideas i hope you like

them too i’m excited that’s my uh giving

back i’m going to create as many

american companies as i possibly can

before i die

and i

hope others will as well i want to do

some uh catching up a little bit here

before we jump into the askgary anything

round 16. make sure to send those

questions to contact the


appreciate it a random little loan

questions you’ve done a lot of them so

always send them keep sending them i’ll

keep answering them

again it’s askgary anything so anything

real quick had a

technology right now it was pissing me

off this morning by the way um trying to

get these questions set up the way i do

it for some reason it just was not


but episode 158 of how to deal with

sociopaths it clinkered out it didn’t

work uh we uploaded it

did something the gremlins got a hold of

it and you couldn’t play it i didn’t

know i usually checked these i’ve been

busy i usually try and listen to the

first couple minutes as they come out in

the morning that day to make sure

they’re working because this happens

from time to time

and uh yeah it was not working for a

couple days and i did not know until

someone emailed me and said hey what’s

the deal i can’t get this thing to play

on any platform and i went uh here

we go so it’s working now so if you did

not listen to episode 158 go back and

listen to it it’s a good one i think

it’s a really good one i’ve been getting

into uh sociopaths and uh it’s a problem

it’s a big problem today and that’s why

i did two episodes on it

and i used to deal with them so

go back and listen to that

and for those

who have not

which you should make sure to become a

member and subscribe to the new i built

this thing well i didn’t mean my web guy

did we built this subscription model

from scratch for the podcast

if you do not want to listen to

commercials like i said things have

gotten expensive this

podcast take a lot of time a lot of

effort a lot of money

uh they don’t generate money so i

created a membership subscription model

built it we built it from scratch

like i said there’s no patreon or any of

that we


all kinds of technical gremlins uh which

we did not foresee we’re working on them

i know some of the apple show notes are

all jacked up that’s because of that uh

don’t ask it’s way more than you want to

know we’re working on it and we’ll fix

it eventually but

technology is just a

pain in the ass sometimes especially

when you try and do things on your own

and you don’t want to give someone a cut

it’s amazing how your doesn’t work

half the time amazing how that all works


become a member go to the


go to podcast go to membership you


hey it’s the only place you will get

these videos i do not edit them they’re

raw like i said if i’m looking off into

the sky

uh picking my nose picking my teeth

you’re gonna see it i don’t edit them

they’re raw for you

no commercials on the audio you can and

that’s thing we set this thing up this

website is built for mobile and online

so you can you don’t need an app or

anything fancy fancy no downloading

tracking data any of that crap from

technology companies you go to the

website you listen to it watch the

videos right there

like i said commercial free the videos

aren’t anywhere else the full length i

have some snippets

and i told you guys i was going to use

youtube try it out they pulled my p dr

peter mccullough video so them i’m

pissed again yet again at another tech

company we gotta deal with them we gotta

deal with them so please go to my rumble

page it’s in the show notes


i i put the clips they’re just clips

people they’re not the whole episode so

it’s uh my producer tries to take the

best part


whatever uh episode i do and put it up


but if you want the whole thing you

gotta subscribe people that’s the only

way it’s cheap it’s 4.99 a month uh

it keeps the show

free it allows me to keep doing this uh

there’s a like i said there’s a lot of

cost in there when you go to rumble look

up the simple life gary collins or it’s


uh ford i just realized i have the wrong

link in there

rumble.com forward slash the simple life

is what it should be i’m gonna have to

double check that um

i’m just clicking on the link right now

and yeah i don’t think that is the

proper link to be honest with you well

let’s do this let’s while we’re here

let’s use this technology thing and

let’s see if i can get this link right

and give you the right one

no okay i have botched this thing up

from the get-go because of

technology it should be very

straightforward and it never is

um hold on here now i gotta figure out

ah jesus christ

oh deep breath scary deep breaths deep

breaths um it’s okay

it’s this

rumble.com forward slash the simple life


so i’m going in here and i’m editing

this thing right now so it’s been wrong

in the show notes the whole

time awesome love it


love it

i swear i i’ve checked the link

like i said deep breaths deep breaths

i’m changing this on the fly

so you’re gonna see uh

i’ve gotta relink all this uh yeah i’ll

do it later sorry i apologize for that

very frustrating



so yeah make sure uh if you go to rumble

i’m going to pretty much put them only

on there i i don’t think i’m going back

to youtube and even messing with that

anymore i’m just done i i probably

experimented with 30 of them i think

first of all i can’t get my algorithm

because they probably hate me because i

talk about this crazy called

freedom and living the life you want

which is totally against anything they

believe they want to be you know

totalitarians and tell you what to do

they want to mind your data they want to

sell you out they want to make you go to

jail so whatever um

we’re going to use rumble and so you can

go there and the the new podcast the

right dudes is on there as well we’re on

rumble yeah i think we are on youtube uh

i’ve told the guys i will be lucky if we

last a month

so but make sure to check us out on

rumble i’d rather you go there to be

honest with you than youtube and uh


so there we go with that i’ve been

getting a lot of health questions so hey

if you need some

some health

help i do this thing called consulting

i’ve been doing this stuff for years i

ran a health company i did a ton of

one-on-ones i’ve done a ton of

consulting online

if you’re having health issues you can

go to the website simplelifenow.com go

to go to um consulting you can buy the

session right there it’ll come to me i

do them via skype via zoom or telephone

we can use the good old-fashioned phone

number whatever’s easier for you

we i’m very flexible we can do it on the

weekends whenever i live the simple life

i don’t live by you know i don’t live

for the weekend

so make sure you can go there and get

this uh a consulting session for health

because we’re going to be covering some

health questions today so yeah um

go there and businesses too i’ve been

getting um oh someone did something

interesting i just saw something um

we’re so programmed

it’s funny

i get questions and even in emails this

is a side note here


the way people will spell things like

kovid and vax they’re not typoing it

it’s because we’re so programmed that if

you put it in anything like twitter

social media and you spell it out

it freaking get you get dinged you get

booted off and it’s funny i’ve caught

myself doing it as well

that’s nuts right i just caught this in

one of the questions that yeah i can

tell they did it on purpose


it would not get keyed

in the email but also uh

google said they’re going to start

editing your emails

and if you put information in there

that’s i guess they say is mean spirited

or bad we’re in a weird weird place


i gotta talk about more of that in the

future too

but yeah so make sure to go back and

check this stuff out uh like i said that

episode is huge

would really really appreciate it please


to the membership for the podcast

honestly it helps me out a lot it gives

me the ability to do more things to pay

for things that you know i i because

otherwise this all comes out of my


so it limits what i can do and how i can

do things so yeah uh enough of that


again too send them you can send them

send them to me i get them you’ve got

the contact form or you reply to any

email you get eventually they make it to


also oh real quick i have some new

products that are coming from the

website some are up um i got some new

supplements up uh i gotta shoot out an

email make sure to go check them out if

you haven’t been the website while a lot

of stuff’s changing a lot of stuff’s

coming a lot of ideas floating around in

this brain of mine for the future




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