Ep 162: Ask Gary Anything (Round 15)

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Gary Anything.” This is where you, the audience, get to send in your questions about anything, and I will answer them. That is right, you heard it… anything, because that is how I roll! On a fairly regular basis I pick questions sent to me from my ever growing list, and answer them on this podcast.  

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If you want to have your question (s) considered, simply fill out the contact form on my website www.thesimplelifenow.com, or better yet become a member of “The Simple Life Insider’s Circle” link is at the bottom of the show notes. Today, we have some great questions:

  1. (Ben) How does “wild fermentation” (kraut, pickling, kimchi, etc) fit into a paleo/primal lifestyle? Do you have any endorsement or critique of the nutritional claims of the typical fermentation enthusiast?
  2. (Kristy P) What is one band you wish you could have seen in concert? (any reason…you were too young/weren’t born, the band is broken up, they are still around but past their prime…)
  3. (Tom G) What are some of your favorite exercises you do to stay in shape?

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Transcripts :

hey everyone welcome to another episode

as i sort things out of the simple life

with your host gary collins that is me

ask me


anything and hold on what episode

episode round 15. okay

make sure i had to bring up my notes

before we get started real quick

if if you have some questions you can

email them directly to me at contact the

simplelifenow.com or go to the website

and you can fill out the contact form

scroll to the bottom of the website it

says contact you fill out the form boom

they eventually make it to me i answer

them on the show that’s the whole point

so feel free

um there’s never too many questions so

always send them

uh there are always good ones if you uh

don’t know if i’ve answered them means

you gotta go back and listen to all the


episodes so

of ask gary anything so that means you

got to go back and listen to 15 episodes

to include this one all right

um also hey

make sure go check out the

simplelifenow.com that’s my website

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uh let’s uh jump into these questions oh

almost forgot hey make sure you can also

there’s an easy way to send me questions

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all right


other than that not a whole lot going on

so i don’t think i have any updates

oh make sure to go check out uh the

right dudes podcast that’s my new

podcast with judah freeman of the ben

stein show rob kendall of wibc fm

in indiana and uh rock breath our

traveling correspondent he is living in

an rv and you guys know i’ve done that

him and his wife they’re going around

the country in an rv

so make sure to listen to it very

different show it’s not a strictly

political show we get into politics it’s

a plan words it was based off the right


so people go oh the right dudes

obviously it’s all about you know

talking about lindsey graham and no no


it’s not that so go check it out

trust me it’s good

and i’ve had rob and judah on the show

talking about the new podcast and

uh by the time this comes out rock

breath he’s our traveling correspondent

i know funny name but that’s what he

goes by um

first question ben

how does wild fermentation kraut

pickling kimchi etc fit into the paleo

primal lifestyle do you have any

endorsement or critique of the

nutritional claim of typical

fermentation enthusiast oh boy

uh fermentation yes it does fit in so

fermenting is basically breaking down

through bacteria breaking down a food to

make it more bile available and as a

storage so before we had refrigeration

uh great concept i love my refrigerator

and freezer

before then remember we

hunter gathers we hunted and gathered

until we we figured out smoking meats

and drying meats and certain things

but we had to eat it right then and

there and that’s how starvation happens

often is we didn’t have a place to store



we figured out fermentation which was

simply the rotting of food

and that preserves it uh if you can stop

the fermentation if it keeps fermenting

fermented fermenting that is rot

so simple things so sauerkraut

sauerkraut is a fermented food

uh there’s different ways to do it

there’s when he talks about pickling um

pickling is using vinegar but you can


technically it’s using vinegar and a

salt solution and other you can add

other things uh

garlic and and dill and but

the basic thing is to get the food to

start a rotting process

and how do you know it’s done well

you gotta learn you figured out i have

uh fermentation jars that i’ve used in

the past

uh it totally fits into the paleo world


fermented food

what it okay there’s a couple things i

know this can get a little confusing but

the primary aspect of it is obviously

since it’s rotting and it’s building up

these uh bacteria and you can use what

they call them starters like if you make

your own yogurt you use you know you use

these starters and it

prolongs with the sugars you put sugar

in there and it creates the bacteria and

then the bacteria feed off the sugar and

then that’s that’s beer that’s wine

that’s that’s how you make that’s how

you make alcohol alcohol is fermented

fruit grains that’s where it comes from

it breaks it down it the the

after effect of that is alcohol

um so way it fits in it too is there’s

twofold first of all it makes the food

more bile available because it’s been

broken down

is the best way to put it


so people

who have

digestive issues with say raw

raw vegetables they do better with

fermented vegetables because like i said

they’re broken down the fiber’s broken

down somewhat and it makes the

nutritional aspect since it’s broken

down more more bioavailable means you

absorb it better

all right that’s one part of it the

other part is the bacteria

so by building these bacteria because

they’re growing in the food you’re

growing a bacteria culture


that these microbes

good bad there’s a little bit of

everything and everything you want

obviously more good your gut guess what

your gut has bad bacteria in it i know

it’s going to shock people but it’s

right around 85 15 so 85 percent

considered good bacteria 15

considered uh bad bacteria and you go

well why would i have bad bacteria in my

body well

the way

our gut flora works and and i’ve talked

about this

gut flora is basically where you get

your immune system from too so these we

are we are more bacteria more microbes

than we are cells

we need these bacteria to survive

they break things down they they break

uh things that make us sick down so

it’s not just uh hydrochloric acid in

the stomach which does a lot of it these

bacteria will attack certain bad

bacteria break them down so we can

utilize them and not get sick

the bad bacteria are used as a

counterbalance because if you don’t have

the bad bacteria

what happens is you end up with an

overgrowth this is where candida starts

from which is you get a thrush you start

to see it on your tongue


if you had that good bacteria unchecked

literally your body would be overwhelmed

with bacteria you would rot from the

inside out and you would die that would

be the end so those bad bacteria they

work in this ratio and trust we don’t

know how

the body is very

the the communication that goes on

within our body is a miracle i mean

it really is so these these bacteria

have a program in them they know that if

the good bacteria start to overgrow the

bad bacteria will actually eat and break

down the good bacteria to keep this


and the good bacteria do the same to the

bad bacteria so it’s this it’s this

kind of wild bacteria dance of give and


so there there’s that so what with the

the fermented foods they have this good

bacteria that you

you digest and believe it or not not all

of it but it does it gets through your

stomach it actually passes through

then these bacteria will survive

some are very resilient that’s how they

end up in your large and small intestine

primarily your colon this is where a lot

of digestion occurs this is where

absorption occurs

so yes that’s why these foods fermented

foods have a big uh

piece of and they’re technically using

minor quotes paleo because they’re

vegetables for the most part right grain

alcohols are not paleo even though

they’re fermented fermented grains skin

no grains no dairy no beans so even if

they’re fermented



got it


i hope that answer had to bring it back

up here make sure i didn’t miss anything

and like said pickling you use a little



and the easiest way i want to get into

this because god’s been a while um i’m

getting ready to hopefully ferment some

more stuff


i use a very basic i don’t use starters

like if

i’ve made my own kombucha in the past


you need a starter kit so

they call it oh god now i’m gonna forget

the stupid the puck it’s the puck

um but it’s this puck of bacteria that

you store


you you use the new you take the puck

and you put it in and that’s your


and that’s why you’ll you’ll see um

a lot of starters

are yeast and sugar that gets the

bacteria going


ioes brine is the easiest way to put it

so i use a a salt water solution

and i let keep things out and i let them

naturally break down that way

all it is

is the process of building bacteria and

starting starting the partial rot of

that food

there used to be uh meat hanging back in

the day too so when they would kill an

animal they would gut it and then they

would hang it up for a while and let a


like a a moldy bacterial crust grow on

the outside then they would scrape it

all off because that would be a natural

tenderizer of the meat because it’s

breaking down it’s breaking down the


uh meat structure the the muscle

structure so yeah we’ve been eating

rotting stuff for a very long time




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