Ep 161: RV Living on The Road to Freedom

Today, I’m joined by the one and only Rock Breath, who, with his wife, is currently traveling the country with their four dogs in an RV. So how did this adventure start? We get into that, I promise. As some of you know, I spent almost a decade living in an RV part-time and full-time. So this is a subject close to my heart, and I hope to motivate some of you thinking about such an adventure, to possibly getting started. I will tell you from first-hand knowledge it was a freeing experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Living in an RV taught me many life lessons and we dig into what Rock Breath has learned so far.

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Rock Breath is also our roving correspondent for my new podcast I’m involved in; The Right Dudes. 

Rock Breath is the Writer, Editor, and Creator of TheOnlyRockBreath®. 

Rock is considered to be an Explorer, Nomad, Follower of No One, Freedom Lover, and a “Right Dude.” Rock is Pro 2nd Amendment, Pro Freedom of Speech, and Pro Trump.

He’s a former Head of IT, NEC Computer System Division and Packard Bell/NEC, the Creator and Editor of The Call Center Daily News, NEC Computer Systems; Customer/Sales Engineering Liaison, Hewlett-Packard. Rock strives to learn and share knowledge by offering conservative and nonpartisan views on a variety of topics including current affairs, politics, technology and more by way of facts and the truth.

Topics Covered:

  • Where did the idea come from for Rock and his wife to start living in an RV
  • What is their current setup 
  • Recommendations for those looking to, or just getting started
  • Some of my stories during my decade of RV living
  • What was the biggest sacrifice they had to make so far
  • Where are their favorite places to travel
  • How much cheaper it is to live this lifestyle

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