Ep 161: RV Living on The Road to Freedom

Today, I’m joined by the one and only Rock Breath, who, with his wife, is currently traveling the country with their four dogs in an RV. So how did this adventure start? We get into that, I promise. As some of you know, I spent almost a decade living in an RV part-time and full-time. So this is a subject close to my heart, and I hope to motivate some of you thinking about such an adventure, to possibly getting started. I will tell you from first-hand knowledge it was a freeing experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Living in an RV taught me many life lessons and we dig into what Rock Breath has learned so far.

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Rock Breath is also our roving correspondent for my new podcast I’m involved in; The Right Dudes. 

Rock Breath is the Writer, Editor, and Creator of TheOnlyRockBreath®. 

Rock is considered to be an Explorer, Nomad, Follower of No One, Freedom Lover, and a “Right Dude.” Rock is Pro 2nd Amendment, Pro Freedom of Speech, and Pro Trump.

He’s a former Head of IT, NEC Computer System Division and Packard Bell/NEC, the Creator and Editor of The Call Center Daily News, NEC Computer Systems; Customer/Sales Engineering Liaison, Hewlett-Packard. Rock strives to learn and share knowledge by offering conservative and nonpartisan views on a variety of topics including current affairs, politics, technology and more by way of facts and the truth.

Topics Covered:

  • Where did the idea come from for Rock and his wife to start living in an RV
  • What is their current setup 
  • Recommendations for those looking to, or just getting started
  • Some of my stories during my decade of RV living
  • What was the biggest sacrifice they had to make so far
  • Where are their favorite places to travel
  • How much cheaper it is to live this lifestyle

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Transcripts :

hey rock breath thanks for coming on we

just recorded other episodes for as you

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it but


very interesting and this is why i

wanted to bring you on obviously to talk

about the right dudes our new show which

is fantastic people should all listen to

it give us five star reviews tell all

your friends

but you live in an rv

and we met through the world according

to ben stein

how did this rv thing start where did

this come from i did it for a decade i’m

known for that

so i’m curious

it started in my brain years and years

ago in the 70s because my grandmother

and grandfather traveled in an rv and

that’s what we did on occasion in the

summers but as it came to attrition this

year or last year i should say uh

basically the beginning of last year i

started hounding my wife to let’s sell

our house the market’s hot we’ll get a

trailer live in it temporarily until we

find something else in the country well

we’re still looking nine and a half

months later for some place to land and


basically that’s that’s where it came

about now

i got stuck in a position seven months

ago where it actually happened and

because it was happening i had to come

through with my end of the bargain which

was make it work

and that’s the thing because for me it


it was a dream of mine it’s well i grew

up my grandparents had an rv we went in

a couple times but i i went in as a

rookie i didn’t know what the hell i was

doing and i didn’t have anyone because i

all my friends had them to go to the

desert and stuff like that and i’d been

him that way but i was gonna live in the

thing that was my i was i was downsizing

simplifying my life so i sold my house

uh rented a very small place for four

years and then it was the next journey

of the off-grid stuff and building

and i knew that i couldn’t live in the

property and i’d made a mistake i

thought i could get the rv to the

property i was wrong

the roads were way too rough to get even

an 18-footer up there to where i would

have had to get it up there with a

bulldozer basically tow it up

and then i wasn’t getting it out so i

realized that i’d screwed that up so i

was really gonna have to live in this

thing and figure things out so i’m

always interested because my story is

very different than most people’s of how

i got into rv living

most of people i was around like you

they were tired

some of them sold everything some of

them a lot of them stole their houses

and they would just go travel but they

wanted their home base but you did it

the smart way you went hey these prices

are ridiculous let’s dump the house

and this is why i teach people i go if

you can do this you live in the rv

during the hot markets got to come down

hot markets we’ve been through this mean

you’re old enough the housing market’s

going to crash it crashes

if you can sit out and get into an rv

and wait it out and then you did it even

a step further you said hey let’s travel

around let’s find the right place to

live i teach all this stuff so that was

amazing to me that you basically

followed the progression i teach people

but yet we had never met

that’s correct and i’ve never really

read what you were saying until you know

we met online and so forth but yeah yeah

let’s let people know we met on a dating

i’m kidding we met on the world

according to ben stein

yes so you know honestly gary once i met

you and judah says it all the time you

know guys want to be like you and women

want to be with you and because you are

who you are uh you know

i i’m in a position where i learn from

smarter people i play better from

playing with better people and by

watching you and learning from you i’m

feeling like i’m doing what i’m doing


well and a lot of mine

i’m no genius by any stretch i’m a trial

and error guy if i don’t know how to do

it i’ll figure it out it’s my attitude

and i’m okay with failing it took me a

long time in life to figure out that

phalene’s okay you know that’s totally

part of the deal

with that i didn’t realize that people

wanted to learn about what i was doing

like i said i am an accident everything

i do now today is an accident it wasn’t

intended i didn’t intend to be a podcast

host i didn’t intend to write books

telling people about what i was doing

all accidental i just didn’t realize

people were interested in what i was


and the the crust of what i was doing it

was all based upon freedom

i was searching for the most freedom i

could find how did that play into your

you and your wife’s decision to do this


freedom is the very first and foremost

foremost aspect of why we’re doing this

you know

being around the country in a trailer

it’s a hundred percent freedom i don’t

like the place i’m at at the moment i

move on to another place


and you know on on the dudes the right

dudes you’ve been given you know some

crap for you know supposedly um

well we know you lived a a lifestyle

that was a little bit on the poor side

growing up however you’ve become in my

eyes one of the most intelligent people

uh that i know

outside of you know ben stein and one or

two other people

and listening to you and looking at your

resume which is basically you know

everything that you are right now

you’d be a fool not to to follow you

i did not pay him to say any of that i

want to be up and not

uh that’s for sure but you know it and

it’s just i am not i tell people i am

not brighter than anyone i just never

stop learning

my attitude is i don’t know where the

next journey is i firmly believe in my

heart i have another journey i do but i

don’t know what that is i don’t know

where it’s going to take me in the

afterlife whatever it is all i know is

my time here is now and i better take

advantage of all the situations and all

the resources and i was blessed to be

born in the freest best country in the

world i need to take advantage of these

things and that’s how i look at it and

growing up poor i know they give me crap

but you know it taught me a lot of

lessons in life it taught me that the

only reason you’re poor

is because

you’re not

you decided to be poor in this country

right and nothing you know hey my family

is my family uh did they make bad

decisions do they do things i don’t

agree with absolutely and part of the

motivation people ask me they always go

so why’d you come out this way and i go

i hate to say it but i just didn’t want

to be my family

um i wanted to to be something better

but you know what i mean i didn’t want

to waste my my life i wanted to get

every drop out of life i possibly could

the rv living stuff taught me a lot of

lessons first of all it taught me

you don’t need all the you think

you need

am i wrong i definitely do not need it i

have three

big giant

lockers and you know my home place there

with all of the things that i had in my

house and when i left that house we took

basically what would fit in the back of

my pickup truck we went and bought the

trailer and just kind of went a little

bit at a time from there

well let’s look at your setup people are

always really curious about your setup

because we all do this differently it’s

like living off grid i tell everyone

because people want me to give them the

off-grid template and i go you’re

missing the the whole off-grid

philosophy and why we do it everyone

does it their own way

it’s a totally different deal a

different land different parts of the

country different house construction

what what rig do you have and what made

you decide to buy that

okay we spent about four or five months

researching my wife did all of the

researching because when it comes to

details she’s really spot on but

we ended up choosing a

grand design transcend explore and we

got one with a larger shower and a

kitchen in the rear and the larger

shower was important because i’m not

able to bend physically i have seven

fused discs in my spine so i really need

to stand and have space to wash and do

what i you know do in the shower and not

to share all those details with

everybody but it’s a 29-foot travel

trailer it’s designed to go off-road

i’ve already done what you’ve done i’ve

gotten into positions where i bent the

bottom of it

you know because i went down a trail

that i got in deep however i have a

chevy trail boss it’s got the v

the v6.2 liter engine in it and uh it’ll

go and do anything i want to do

including drag it over rocks

what what size the v6 it’s a diesel


no no no i would have had to spend

another 10 000 to get a diesel and that

put me at the max of my um my credit you

know i’m not rich by any means i was

raised by a family my father mother my

dad was a doctor you know he did a lot

of things um

wrong as far as i’m concerned you know

he focused on this country club life and

you know we did we weren’t ignored but

we weren’t given

the leads that some people were given

and my thing was to rebel from that

which put me in a position of

more or less being where you were




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