Ep 159: Trump – Our Savior or Orange Man Gone Bad?

Today, I have a very special guest, Rob Kendall of the highly successful Rob and Casey Show on WIBC 93.1 FM in Indiana. Since the most recent polls show the popularity of Donald Trump not waving as the favorite to represent the Republican Party for President in 2024, is he good or bad for the country? Do we have any rational choices beyond Trump or are we stuck with him? Can someone rise up against the noise in the next two-and-a-half years and truly represent the most prominent political demographic in the U.S., us in the middle?

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We also have very exciting news, as we are continuing to announce Rob, Judah, and my new podcast collaboration: The Right Dudes. People may be surprised we created this podcast as a way to communicate and represent those who are more in the middle politically. So the name is a bit of a play on words, but we are not messing around, as we cover many timely subjects in our new podcast. Go check it out at www.therightdudes.com and on any major podcast platform.

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