Ep 159: Trump – Our Savior or Orange Man Gone Bad?

Today, I have a very special guest, Rob Kendall of the highly successful Rob and Casey Show on WIBC 93.1 FM in Indiana. Since the most recent polls show the popularity of Donald Trump not waving as the favorite to represent the Republican Party for President in 2024, is he good or bad for the country? Do we have any rational choices beyond Trump or are we stuck with him? Can someone rise up against the noise in the next two-and-a-half years and truly represent the most prominent political demographic in the U.S., us in the middle?

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We also have very exciting news, as we are continuing to announce Rob, Judah, and my new podcast collaboration: The Right Dudes. People may be surprised we created this podcast as a way to communicate and represent those who are more in the middle politically. So the name is a bit of a play on words, but we are not messing around, as we cover many timely subjects in our new podcast. Go check it out at www.therightdudes.com and on any major podcast platform.

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Transcripts :

hey rob thanks for coming on uh

oh also we gotta we gotta talk about

your new show we got a new show you got

a new show

all kinds of stuff going on right

talk about your show real quickly you

you have a new host

not that it’s the new show but it’s a

new it is a new show

yes uh phenomenal be with you as always

gary it’s the now the kendall and casey

show uh it’s still nine to noon

weekdays eastern time on 93.1 wivc in

indianapolis you can listen to wibc.com

we brought in casey daniels she’s from

grand rapids and she’s very lucky to

work with me what can i say

it’s a privilege i mean come on i think

i’m thankful every single day and we

started our own podcast the the right

dudes it’s thewrightdudes.com we’re on

every major platform it’s me you and

judah friedman of the world according to

ben stein then we have our roaming on

the ground analyst rock breath living in

his rv

and uh it’s a very interesting show and

i want to talk about something a little

different today because my show is not i

wouldn’t call it heavy political would

be the best way i do touch politics and

i tell people that if you don’t know

what’s going on you don’t know what’s

going on and it’s kind of hard to live

the simple life if you don’t know what’s

going on i adjust my life to politics i

have to because they determine as we’re

seeing right now high gas prices high


high crime rates if you’re not paying

attention and you think everything’s

good and you’re gonna go take the subway

in new york visiting because you don’t

know any different you might get pushed

in front of the subway or get stabbed in

the throat so you might want to pay

attention those are your options they’re

very uplifting they’re they’re very good

because new york is hell i i’ve talked

to people they said it’s just a disaster

to be there right but but it’s every big

city in america so last night i was

working an event downtown and uh our our

building is on the circle downtown

monument circle in indianapolis it’s one

of the great historical sections of

america whenever there’s monday night

football or national championship games

or final fours or whatever you always

see that epic you know picture of the

soldiers and sailors monuments the

world’s largest christmas tree and last

night i’m working this event we’re out

on the balcony at the radio station and

there is a giant brawl of about a

hundred people that takes place on

monument circle and

gary we counted them at one point

more than 20 cop cars show up

indianapolis police officers and they

have to clear monument circle and think

about this and these are mostly kids

that are involved in these skirmishes

can you imagine

letting your 13 14 50 year old 15 year

old kid go to a major metropolitan city

on their own and go

good luck


it’s a tough one right because

politically people

you know the the the tribalism and

picking sides and i try never to i mean

i i’m a libertarian kind of minded guy

i’m a middle but i’m a middle right guy

i was in the military i’m in law

enforcement i’m older of course i’m a

croup or dumb redneck of course i’m

gonna lean a little more right but i

have many views that would be considered

left but i consider them rational views

and i think most people are that and

that’s why we created our podcast um the

right dudes it’s a show for the middle

it’s a place where i think a lot of

people feel they don’t have a place to

go even though that’s the majority of


and that’s what i wanted to jump into

with the trump issue because i’ve never

really talked a ton about trump

in in this podcast but i feel it’s very

important you’ve brought up some good

points and we’ve talked about it we’re


we’re both ron desantis guys for the

most part right

but we’re coming to the conclusion of

it’s probably gonna be trump which is

shocking both of us because i didn’t see

him keeping his popularity to this level

so far but we got two and a half years


but with him

the the bad that through you know we

have trump derangement system i mean uh

syndrome we had four years of a

president getting attacked i’ve never

seen before i’ve never seen such a

concentrated effort to derail a

president and his platform as we saw

here i don’t care what side you’re on it

should scare the living daylights out of

you to see this kind of attack

and it comes down to

if he’s going to be the guy


or bad

what are we getting right

gary you’re a guy that loves the

outdoors i’ve seen the rugged photos of

you outdoors chopping wood on your

simple life now

website which is very fabulous you are a

very physically fit guy i know you enjoy

going outdoors

and i equate trump to a guy who’s

spending time outdoors

and there’s a giant uh i don’t know you

know maybe it’s a hornet’s nest maybe

it’s a bee’s nest

and it’s in the corner way far off in

the yard okay it’s out there

and it’s not really

bothering anyone it’s like the bees are

flying up to the house i mean you’re on

a spacious acreage-laden property

but he knows the bee’s nest is there

and so even though the bees nest isn’t

really harming anyone and there’s no

real benefit to

disturbing the bee’s nest or the

hornet’s nest he decides i’m going to

walk to the far end of the property and

i’m going to take a giant rake and i’m

gonna start whacking the bees or the

hornet’s nest now

if you do that gary you should be

prepared for a giant swarm of bees or

hornets or whatever else is gonna come

out of that nest now

you should know that

and if you have chosen to take on

needless fights

that are going to disrupt and harm

people who are vile awful people

then you should not be surprised when

they all come guns ablazing for you so

what i’m talking about with this here’s

a great example okay

calling stormy daniels horse face on


great example

stormy daniels is a horrific terrible

awful person

her lawyer michael avenatti was a

horrific terrible awful person

donald trump was going to win in court

because they were pathological liars and

terrible awful people and it was easily


calling her horse face on twitter didn’t

help him one iota in the legal arena

it didn’t

change a judge’s opinion

and it didn’t win him one single vote

yes it was funny yes i as a mid-30s

white man laughed hysterically at that

and i thought that was great but i

already voted for trump what it did do

was alienate a whole bunch of potential

voters because it came off as making fun

of women’s appearances or demeaning

women and it alienated and enraged

people even further donald trump is the

guy that always takes the rake to the

middle of the hornet’s nest even if it’s

on the far end of the property and you

should not be surprised when people

behave in the fashion they do if you’re

continually bashing hornet’s nest with


yeah and i’ve talked about this on our

our our discussions our shows

of that was either the best or the worst

analogy ever no it’s a good it’s a very

good analogy because you’re you’re

totally right he he’s a bull in a china

shop and the problem is even after he

breaks all the china he just stomps on

it he keeps looking for something else

to smash

and there’s a point where

where you do your own damage to yourself

and you have to realize it and we’ve

talked about this there’s a point where

you just have to stop

stop and he doesn’t have the ability to

stop inflicting

those self-inflicted wounds and he just

keeps going and keeps going but you look

at the policies and the things he did

and you kind of go

i’m okay with that not all of them he

wasn’t perfect he spent like a drunken

sailor like the rest of them

but overall we had a secure border

we were not in any new foreign wars or



he he what he did i think their hornet’s

nest uh analogies perfect is he didn’t

understand the deep state

he didn’t quite grasp what he was

getting and he called out the

intelligence agencies right away not

understanding that’s where the deep

steep state lies

and he

he really stepped in it there and but

what it did it’s good and bad right

because would the public know how deep

the deep state i did i worked in it but

no one ever believed me i had friends

that go you are conspiracy alex jones

tin foil hat wearing lunatic and i’m oh

i just worked in it for 20 years but

otherwise yeah okay fine

but he brought all this to stuff to the


you’re 100 right

and in your you’ll appreciate this

because you had a decorated uh and

esteemed military and public service



in battle whether it’s battling the

enemy uh you know in a war or battling

the enemy politically you’ve got to have

a strategy on how you’re going to defeat

them and you’ve got to have a strategy

on how you’re going to capitalize on

things that work in your favor

and i think one of the greatest things

trump failed to do

was understand that the people he was

dealing with did not have a mutual

interest in success so in business right

when he was doing people in business

trump had something he wanted to

accomplish but the other people he was

dealing with also had something they

wanted to accomplish which was generally

make money or sell a property or you

know whatever


the democrats


but also the republicans like the dan

coats of the world the mitch mcconnells

of the world for the most part were not

his friend they did not want him to

succeed they wanted him to fail because

he upended their their dominance their

monopoly the cabal whatever you want to

call it on control of government in this

country and they were invested in his

failure and you cannot negotiate with

people when they don’t have a mutual a

shared vision of mutual success and

allowing you to succeed and he never

appeared in the four years he was in

office to learn that and he kept

appointing people to office who or to

positions who were not his friend and he

kept trying to negotiate with people who

were not his friend and i got to tell

you gary a year and a half later based

on who he’s endorsing for u.s senate

races the people he’s aligning himself

with i still don’t think he’s learned





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