Ep 158: Sociopaths – 5 Rules for Dealing with and Surviving Them

Today I continue the discussion of the sociopaths amongst us. Make sure to go back to episode 156 to understand how to recognize them. This episode will focus on how the deal with them after you have been caught in their snare. You will not avoid them in today’s society, so it is essential you put together a “sociopath survival” plan, and that is what we are going to do today.

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Topics Covered:

  1. Realizing you will not avoid them, some people just don’t have a conscious.
  2. Why you should never engage them?
  3. They cannot and do not want to be saved; do not try to do so.
  4. Know what your weak spots are.
  5. Cut your losses.

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Transcripts :

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that’s why i’m doing these episodes

about sociopaths um

incredibly important

and i’d been debating going on uh and

doing these for a while

and with that

you know uh it’s just we’re in a tricky

tricky world

and the more

we can identify these people the better

it is for all of us because they’re the

ones who do all the damage and harm to

humans humanity and the world that’s

where it comes from that’s why i’m

focusing in on it

and um i plan to do more it’s it’s a

complicated subject but if you have the

basics and it took me a long time i have

training in this i mean i dealt with

sociopaths for decades i mean

knowingly and i still didn’t understand

them i still didn’t get it because

here’s the thing you need to realize uh

for us good people is we have a hard

time recognizing bad people it’s just

part of the dna it’s how our minds work


we have a belief in human beings who

have a belief that they’re going to do

the right things and it’s hard to kind


to kind of circumvent that that that

wiring that programming um so that’s why

i’m doing these uh but also oh forgot

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gathering data

i don’t do it trust me we don’t do

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make sure you check it out i know a

couple of little tangents there got a

little off course it happens sometimes

with all this stuff going on you know uh

it’s hard

and i’ll be digging into that a little

more in the near future but sociopaths

holy cow my lord

and to recap make sure you go back again

to episode 156 where i talk about how to

recognize a sociopath i broke this up

into two pieces on purpose

because first the hard part is

recognizing them everyone thinks it’s

very simple ah they’re in prison they’re

just criminals

negative that is untrue uh most of the

sociopaths are out amongst us

they are here we engage them

there’s a lot of times we don’t even

know we’re engaging them that’s what i

mean there there’s so many and that was

one of the things with doing further

research what i’ve i’d found i’d like to

i dealt with this

i was at the government for 20 years not

only did i actually investigate

sociopaths i had them uh surrounded by

them in the government and it that was

the hard part at the end of my career

that i had to

come to grips with and it was it was an

incredible mental struggle that i went

through at the end uh deep

i i like i said

i’ve talked about this many times by

time i had reached you know the 20 years

and half of my life in the government

i’d almost lost all hope for humanity

because i’d realized that i was in a

system that i i joined

you know in the military and in law

enforcement to do better you know to do

the right thing to put bad people away

to do the righteous investigations to

fight fraud corruption

all those things uh

and at the end i realized

i was being fooled i i a lot of the

people i was dealing with who were

sociopaths were the people i worked with

primarily bosses the worker bees they’re

they’re in there too trust me trust me

they’re there as well


it was

primarily in the upper echelons of the

supervisors and and the upper people and

way upper people it was almost 100

percent in the higher levels i mean they

were all sociopaths i realized almost

all and i don’t say that to um

kind of blow things out of proportion

that’s not rhetoric i mean i was that’s

what the part that damn near broke my


was realizing that a lot of the upper

echelon people were purely sociopaths

and that we were being run the whole

ship the

ship was being run

by nut jobs and people who didn’t have a

conscience people who didn’t believe in

in the love of human humanity and other

people they didn’t have empathy

and it’s this is the part where we’re

seeing today and that’s why i’m doing


is the average person in this world

doesn’t understand them

i’m a pro and i was a professional in

this and it threw me for a complete loop

of understanding and that again is part

of our wiring

people always think that you can

recognize evil when you see it

not with sociopaths sociopaths are a

little different

because they’re just not truly rooted in

evil they are at their at their core

they are evil i do believe i’m a firm

believer in good and evil 100


you know yes that’s you know


yes i firmly believe that i believe

there are devils angels


good people bad people i firmly believe

in that um

a lot of my experience in life is has

opened up my eyes there is truly evil in

this world

and so identifying them and

understanding what their characteristics

are the problem is they’re chameleons

like i described in 156

you will be engaged with one

a lot of the time and not know it

because they’re they’re great at telling

you and acting

how how you how they know you what how

you interact like they they they kind of

observe and understand people in a sense

of manipulation so everything’s

manipulative so they’re they’re not

acting in good faith they’re playing a


they’re playing a character

that’s because they know that if they’re

themselves you’re gonna run for the

hills immediately so it’s this big

facade it’s these smoke screens it’s

it’s this consistent line all the time

playing playing a game the whole thing’s

a game


unfortunately you’re the victim in the

game and a lot of times you don’t know

until you’re deeply entrenched and

you’re like oh


and a big problem with it and this is

the problem i had in the government at

the end

is you believe that there’s something

wrong with you

you you think that i’m broken why

why is this happening i don’t understand

again i had to realize that the people i

was working with at the time not all of

them that i’m not using a big swatch but

there was a group of people in my agency

that i was dealing with who were 100


hard core evil sociopaths they were





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