Ep 157: Ask Gary Anything (Round 13)

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Gary Anything.” This is where you, the audience, get to send in your questions about anything, and I will answer them. That is right, you heard it… anything, because that is how I roll! On a fairly regular basis I pick questions sent to me from my ever growing list, and answer them on this podcast. 

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Topics Covered:

If you want to have your question (s) considered, simply fill out the contact form on my website www.thesimplelifenow.com, or better yet become a member of “The Simple Life Insider’s Circle” link is at the bottom of the show notes. Today, we have some great questions:

1.  (Matt K) I am a firefighter/paramedic with fifteen years experience in the field and I am seriously considering a career change. Due to work related health concerns like PTSD, anxiety, depression and insomnia, I no longer feel like my career is a healthy fit for me and my family. I still love my job, but I just don’t think I can do it anymore. The idea of changing careers really intimidates me. All my formal education and work experience is in emergency services. I like the idea of owning my own business and having some flexibility and control to make a living on my own terms. That being said,I don’t know where to go or what my first steps should be. For context, I am thirty seven years old, healthy, debt free, married and I have a child. My interests include writing, yoga, meditation, fitness, hiking, rock climbing, gardening and studying history. Any thoughts on my situation? Should I suck it up and stick with the safe option, or branch out and try something new?

2. (Kristy P) Where in the US would you suggest someone who lives on the east coast and has never been west of the Mississippi go for a vacation?

3. (Susie B) Do you ever go to a doctor for checkup’s? If not, why? And lastly, any advice on how to undo the brainwashing of the people who truly can’t see what is going on or the health issues they’re experiencing are from the jabbadabado? Is there hope?

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Transcripts :

of the simple life it’s gary collins

that is me and we’re going to be doing

another ask gary anything round 13.

that’s a lot of these things man



since there’s questions related to

advice in askgary anything make sure to

go check out my consulting

you can go check it out on the

simplelifenow.com website you can buy

the consulting sessions there and then

we schedule them at your convenience and

we get done

telling you save you a bunch of time

piece of cake


so yeah i’d really appreciate you know

if you got some questions that you need

some in-depth in-depth depth in-depth

knowledge on especially i’ve been uh

getting a lot on starting businesses and

health but i do all kinds of things like

living off the grid rural living finding

your own land

how to build all kinds of stuff you

know if you hear me talk about it

and you think i have some knowledge i

can share or one of my books if you have

a topic such as

decluttering your life

that’s a good one we all could use that

trust me especially in all america we

like a lot of crap so

ask gary anything we got some always

good questions and for those watching

the video


there’s nothing there

it’s just me just me talking but if you

want to see the full length videos make

sure to become a member of the simple

life podcast you go in there and you get

the whole length video the only place

you can get them that’s the only place

you’re gonna see me picking my nose

uh maybe in public but otherwise it’s

gonna be right there but all right let’s

get going on this thing here if i can

get all my stuff organized and figure

out where everything is which i cannot

find the notes they have hidden there

they go

all right

let’s start with matt k

this is a long one but it’s a good one

i’m a firefighter paramedic with 15

years experience in the field and i’m

seriously considering a career change

matt that’s right around the time when

people burn out in those fields actually

earlier it’s right around seven years to

be honest when when people leave

due to work related health concerns like

ptsd anxiety depression insomnia i no

longer feel like my career is a healthy

fit for me and my family

been there

been exactly right there so i know what

you’re saying matt i still love my job

but i just don’t think i can do it

anymore the idea of changing careers

really intimidates me all the formal

education and work experience is in

emergency services again i know it all

my all my education when i was in

government was in law enforcement and

criminal investigations i like the idea

of owning my own business and having

some flexibility and control to make a

living on my own own terms that being

said i don’t know where to go or what my

first steps should be for context i’m 37

years old dude you are young

healthy debt free married and have a

child you’re in good spot my interests

include writing yoga meditation fitness

hiking rock climbing gardening and

studying history any thoughts on my


should i suck it up and stick with the

safe option or branch out and try

something new

oh man

you answered your own question because

if i’m guessing you’re feeling burned

out 15 years is a long time in that type

of job


you we have to look at life as stages

you know

once you kind of fulfill yourself and

you know in a certain career

to me

it’s time to move on

chasing the carrot really isn’t an

option anymore to be honest with you

it’s you know retirements and all that

that’s great but if you’re pooping your

diaper and mumbling to yourself in your

rocking chair uh after retiring what

good is it is my attitude

now running your own business when

you’ve done and i’ve been there i

started my own side business early on in

my 20s uh i had a very like i’ve

discussed in previous episodes i had a

very smart accountant who told me you

need to have a side business


and uh so i did and it got me going

because i had to create it i had to look

into it i did all the incorporation

documents on my own she told me that i

should do that and figure it out and so

i’ve done them all ever since

and and with that

don’t be

it’s hard because when you’re i was

entrenched and you know i’m all

what am i going to do i mean what do i

want to do and the problem problem with

a lot of people is you can do anything


but all you know is what you know

and so jumping outside of that comfort

zone is incredibly uncomfortable

and it makes you sweat makes you lose

sleep and you just have to get over that

and realize everything will be fine

you know if you plan correctly you’re

you’re doing well you’re debt-free

you’re you know and i always say this

the best time to start a side business

is when you’re employed

if you got a steady paycheck coming in

that’s when you want to start it on the

side don’t quit your job and then start

the business that is what a lot of

people do and almost all those people


so with you know

you have to get into that mental space

and go okay

all my formal education everything is as

a first responder basically right

what do i need to do

on the side to start getting me ready

for another

another basically chapter of my life

which would be

you know

running your own business and running

your own show is

i can’t even ex and we all talk about

this people have done it it is so



you you just look at everything

differently the way you work your days

is differently you know if i want to

take a break and take an hour and go

read out the sun i can go do that you

know my boss isn’t yelling at me why

aren’t you back from lunch yet damn it

where are you i’ve had that happen


and and you know kind of that freedom

but it doesn’t mean you don’t work and

in most cases most entrepreneurs work

more than they did prior the difference

is you enjoy what you do and once you

can get it going and this takes a long

time in most cases it doesn’t happen

overnight is


once you kind of get to that point you

can start throttling back on your hours

like i said doesn’t happen overnight it

takes a long time in most cases a bare

minimum of five years and most people

it’s 10 plus

and i could see people squirming in

their seat right now going oh my god i

got to put 10 years in yeah

work is work and people like to

uh you know live through reality tv

shows and unicorns

and people go go back and listen to my

prior episode about sociopaths

uh most rich people filthy rich people

are sociopaths i hate to break it to

people um because they have one thing on

their mind and instant gratification and

money most people are not wired that way

most people are wired for fulfillment we

want to be fulfilled we don’t want to

groundhog day we’re not chasing the

almighty dollar we’re chasing a lot of

things but mainly we’re chasing freedom

freedom to do the things we want to do

and that doesn’t mean being a

billionaire you can do a lot of things

by not being a billionaire or a

millionaire a lot of stuff it’s all

about how you gauge your lifestyle for


it’s just simple living i don’t need a

whole lot of stuff so my life’s pretty

straightforward easy and that’s what i



for for now matt what i would do is i

would start looking into some of your

interests what it would take to start a

business in those interests

and start actively figuring out how you

can start working in them it might be

more than one you may have to experiment

for the next couple years to figure out

what you like and what’s doable but keep

your job you want to stress yourself out

lose your income completely and have to

do a turn a side hustle into a full


you’re going to be you think you’re

stressed out now you’re going to be even

more stressed out then so don’t do that

have a plan always have a plan what what

do i always tell people


organize a plan execute the plan that’s

how you get stuff done



organize the plan

execute the plan repeat that over and

over and over again in anything you do

and i guarantee you’ll be highly

successful it is that simple

most people don’t have a plan

they have no organizational skills and

they don’t execute anything except for

being on their smartphone and social

media okay

you have to be you you have to have

discipline you have to have dedication

to something to finish it to the end

if you’re not willing to do that

being an entrepreneur is going to be a a

epic failure again everyone wants to

look at the unicorns everyone wants to

look at the bazillionaires

again those are the unicorns does it

happen yes does it happen in in a

majority no

these are the

the needles in the haystack

if you want to pursue that and even if

you’re super driven and and have all

these great skills the odds of you

getting there are still slim to none

that’s just reality

uh there’s only one elon musk i mean

that’s all i can say there was only one

einstein and einstein wasn’t filthy rich

probably one of the most brilliant minds

of of humanity

of all humans

so you have to understand but was

chasing the mighty dollar important to

him no elon musk seems like he likes

money um but it’s an end to what he

wants to do too uh

i i i’m torn on him at times uh he comes

off very altruistic at some times and

then other times he becomes a very

narcissistic it’s hard for me to read

him at times but hey

like i said there’s only one hymn i

can’t be elon

none of us can




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