Ep 156: Sociopath Nation – How to Recognize One

We may often think that most sociopaths/psychopaths are violent criminals and serving long prisons. If we may say, put away for a long time to shield society from their evils. What if I was to tell you, not only is that not what is happening, but most sociopaths are roaming free in society. Matter of fact, the odds of you avoiding one is nearly impossible. In today’s episode, I go over the personality traits that put a person into the sociopath category.  I will teach you how to identify and ultimately how to avoid the everyday sociopath, as they could be your colleague, your neighbor, or even a loved one.

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Topics Covered:

  • What is the difference between a sociopath and psychopath
  • A sociopath is defined when they have 3 of these 7 characteristics by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders:

1. Failure to conform to social norms.

2. Deceitfulness and manipulativeness. 

3. Impulsivity, failure to plan ahead.

4. Irritability and aggressiveness. 

5. Reckless disregard for the safety of self and others.

6. Consistent irresponsibility.

7. Lack of remorse after hurting, mistreating, or stolen from another person.

  • You may be surprised where most sociopaths are not.

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Transcripts :

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the simple life podcast with me

your host gary collins


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so yeah today though as things have

gotten just stranger and stranger i mean

and i’ve dealt with this we’ve i’ve

talked about it in the past and

you know what today i think kovid and a

lot of things that have happened

recently have brought this to the

forefront we’ve seen i don’t know what

it is with this whole

kind of lockdown in covid and

you know you’re an anti-vaxxer if you

don’t get vaccinated you hate everyone

else you want people to die

this craziness right

and i’ve talked about the

the mental illness in this country i

think it’s a worldwide issue but we

notice it obviously we’re in the usa i

do in this country that mental illness

is a huge problem

and just because i don’t believe in what

you say doesn’t mean i’m calling you

mentally ill that’s not what i mean it

truly i have many friends who are

psychologists psychiatrists i talk in

this stuff all the time they’ve been on

the show

and i remember people i don’t talk about

this just out of my ass i am an expert

in deviant behavior that’s what i did i

was a criminal investigator i was on the

inside of doing this stuff


you know i i just don’t make it up as i

go i’ve studied it i’ve researched it

i’ve worked in it

i’ve taken courses in it i’ve taught

courses on it i was a professor i’ve

i’ve done all this so

even me here’s the thing

even with all that

i i don’t get it at times

i struggle and we’re talking about


what are they what do they mean

it’s often talked about sociopaths and

psychopaths right they’re

interchangeable here’s the thing and

i’ve talked to a lot of people i’ve seen

that some

experts will try and and change the

definition of each to say they’re

different they’re not it’s

interchangeable i i’ve talked to like i

said numerous psychologists i’ve heard

numerous books all the real experts say

to psychopath and sociopath are


different term different word

same meaning okay let’s get that out and

if you want to argue with me on that one

knock yourself out

i’ve done

i don’t know any other way to put it

i’ve dug into this for years i thought

there was a difference for a long time

and multiple people told me there is not

a difference

and it is defined uh

that way


with that

with with everything going on

under understanding sociopaths what what

what are they what do they

how do they affect us

and here’s the thing sociopaths

are incredibly destructive and that’s

why i’m bringing this up because i’ve

been asked a lot of questions about it

people will send me the emails and talk

about sociopaths and we talk about it

i’ve been asked about it in other

interviews we talked about in the world

according to ben stein

and so

with that

we need we need to dig in as like i said

i think with all the current situation

all these

you know us against them and wokeness

and and you know cancel culture that

what it’s done is it’s brought these

sociopaths to the surface like they’ve

really come out

and i’ve noticed it in people that i

didn’t notice it in before like this

covered madness like it just brought it

out like they it was

that’s the thing about a sociopath too

is the good ones hide they hide it like

you that the whole point of it is you

don’t recognize it doesn’t say sociopath

right across their forehead


so i want to dig in i’m probably gonna

do a couple episodes on this this one

will be primarily on recognizing one

what is a sociopath

and get into some of the numbers and


because like i said they will cause

incredibly great harm to your life

i have talked to people i hey i’ve dealt

with them in my life

they will completely and utterly

derail your life

for the worse not the best sociopaths

don’t make your life better let’s get

that out in the open

they’re going to destroy your life that

is part of what they do

so let’s kind of get into the definition

of what they are and i want to dig in


make sure uh part of this of of some of

my recent is the sociopath next door by

martha stout phd s-t-o-u-t

i uh a great book uh it’s very old i

tried locating i think she’s fairly up

in years now i could not locate her to

interview her and i’m going to

mix around some stuff i’m going to do

some episodes of books i read my

interpretation of them

a little bit

instead of bringing the authors on

because it’s hard i mean to schedule and

get these people and not that i won’t do

it anymore i will

but there’s some books i like i i spent

numerous hours trying to track this

person down i couldn’t find them

anywhere and i finally just gave up i

was like you know what there are certain

books i’m just going to discuss with you

as i interpret them because they’re

tools for to go go get this book and i

highly recommend you do it’s it’s really


um and i’ve made it easy uh a lot of

people ask about my reading list and all

that go to the simplelifenow.com

forward slash

oh i better get it right

um reading r-e-a-d-i-n-g

so the simple life now dot com forward

slash reading this gives you a link to a

place where i house all my

recommendations go in to my current

recommendations which should be the very

first one on the website not my website

it will redirect you this is a place for

a house and it’s not attached to amazon

that’s the beauty part that’s why i said

i found this place

go there


and you can see what i’m reading and

i’ve tried to break it down this is very

it is intensive for his time for me

because i have to kind of

rack my brain to try and figure out

remember what i’ve read

i’ve read a lot of books uh well over a

thousand books in my life i guarantee

that i’ve read a lot of books

um and trying to sort it all out so i

hope it works i i’m it’s a work in

progress i’ll always be adding to it but

it’s in there under current

recommendations so go there the

sociopath next door you can buy it there


not support amazon hey imagine that




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